Israel selects IAI for the next development phase of Carmel armored fighting vehicles

According to information published by "The Jerusalem Post" on October 10, 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has selected Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to develop the next phase of developing and integrating technological platforms for the Carmel future armored fighting vehicle (AFV).
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Scale model of future Carmel project from Israel Aerospace Industries. (Picture source Snafu Blog)

The Carmel will be not only configured as an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) but will be based on a multi-role platform that can be configured according to mission requirements and which can evolve according to the new threats of the modern battlefield.

In August 2019, Army Recognition has reported that The new Israeli combat vehicles of the Carmel program will be equipped with artificial intelligence, autonomous, and automatic capabilities. It will be compact, agile, effective, survivable, maintainable, and affordable and will be operated by only two combat soldiers. The project is lead by three Israeli defense companies including Elbit Systems, IAI Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael.

During an exhibition in Israel, the Company IAI Israel Aerospace Industries has presented a platform that combines a panoramic display, individual control screens, and a control stick similar to the Xbox gaming console’s joystick. The autonomous capabilities in IAI’s combat vehicle are operated by a central, autonomous system that integrates the various components of the platform and helps the human operator in processing information and focusing on critical threats in order to make effective decisions.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, each company was asked to develop its platform from a technology-based concept that would transform existing and future platforms into an advanced vehicle with a cockpit – much like that of a fighter jet – where most of the activities are carried out autonomously (travel, threat detection, target acquisition, as well as defensive and offensive maneuvers).

Citing "The Jerusalem Post", launched in 2016 the Carmel is expected to be at the forefront of the military’s new combat concept which is based on autonomous and automatic maneuvering capabilities, artificial intelligence, hybrid propulsion, and more. It will be applied to current and future armored fighting vehicles and will include crew members in closed hatches, operating a range of autonomous and AI-driven platforms. Many of its capabilities will be autonomous, including travel, detection of threats, defense, and acquisition of targets.

According to Isreal Defense website, the future armored platform Carmel will have a hybrid drive system that would enable, among other things, storing of energy so as to fulfill all future operational demands. The platform will be protected by a state-of-the-art active protection system and secured against cyberattacks. The new platform will be able to destroy enemy antitank detachments and rocket launchers. Owing to its small size and lightweight, it will be able to advance relatively easily through dense urban areas.

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