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As reported by Gerhard Heimging on European Defense & Security, Telerob, which recently became a wholly-owned subsidiary of AeroVironment, has been contracted by the Latvian Ministry of Defence to supply Telemax EVO Hybrid and tEODo EVO UGVs as well as technical support for the Latvian Armed Forces, AeroVironment announced at the end of September 2021. The multi-million euro order was placed in July 2021, and the agreed deliveries are to be completed this year.

Improbable Defence and National Security (Improbable) has been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to create a Next-Generation Communications Network (NGCN) Digital Twin of its global digital and IT infrastructure. The NGCN Digital Twin will help Defence Digital to operate, plan, manage and optimise its complex technical infrastructure.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently held an integrated military-civilian cross-sea troop maneuvering exercise using a large civilian ferry with a displacement of 45,000 tons, much larger than similar vessels used in previous practices. The move aimed to enhance the troops' transport efficiency in future battlefields, analysts said on Sunday. Liu Xuanzun reports in Global Times.

4th Infantry Division Soldiers tested the Army’s next-generation Assured Positioning Navigation and Timing (APNT) solution here, which allows Soldiers to maintain the integrity of position and timing in GPS-contested environments. Maj. Matthew Truax, Test Officer, Intelligence Electronic Warfare Test Directorate, U.S. Army Operational Test Command, reports.

According to a picture released on the Facebook account Republic of Korea Armed Forces, South Korean company Hyundai Rotem to promote K2 Black Panther MBT (Main Battle Tank) during the ADEX 2021 defense exhibition in South Korea. The K2 MBT will be displayed in Norwegian specification and camouflage pattern. Norway has planned to replace Leopard 2A4NO main battle tanks fleet.

According to Laurent Lagneau, in December 2020, the French Army had indicated that the first SCAR-H PR [Precision Rifle] sniper rifles had just been delivered by the Belgian manufacturer FN Herstal to the 14th Material Support Base [BSMAT], then responsible for controlling their quality and taking them into account in logistics management before distributing them to the regiments.

On October 13, Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) announced the launch of a new assault rifle in the ACE family – the ACE-N 52 – with an improved ergonomic design, suitable for standard NATO magazines. The new weapon is compatible with 7.62x51mm ammunition.

BAE Systems announced its backside-illuminated (BSI) “Hawkeye” HWK1411 ultra low-light image sensor, enabling market-leading night vision capabilities with reduced size, weight, and power. The 1.6-megapixel sensor provides high-performance imaging capabilities in all light conditions and is optimal for battery-powered soldier systems, unmanned platforms, and targeting and surveillance applications.

Rheinmetall has developed a new version of its Fuchs/Fox wheeled armored transport vehicle. Featuring a high roof, the new variant of this battle-tested 6x6 vehicle enables a wide array of capabilities covering the full operational spectrum. Designed for maximum mobility, the new high-roof version of the Fuchs/Fox can serve in roles ranging from tactical operations center to the armored field ambulance.

The U.S. Army Sentinel A4 Program Office provided an accelerated contract award to Lockheed Martin to begin production for five additional radar systems developed specifically to detect and identify cruise missiles, unmanned aerial systems, rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, and rocket, artillery, and mortar threats. Army soldiers will use these radars to evaluate the operations of the new Sentinel A4s, which are projected to be delivered by the end of 2022.

BAE Systems, Inc.’s 155mm Archer wheeled howitzer system successfully completed testing during the U.S. Army’s “shoot off” evaluation, as the service evaluates whether to add a wheeled capability to its arsenal. Archer is a fully automated mobile weapon system that provides highly responsive and versatile fire support to troops in combat.

Rheinmetall and UVision Air Ltd. On 12 October signed a strategic partnering agreement for loitering munitions. The agreement leverages both companies' capabilities to provide the European market with precise, combat-proven weapon systems. The Hero family of loitering munitions will be available to European customers to satisfy contemporary and emerging operational requirements.

Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. - a developer and manufacturer of high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for defense forces and homeland security agencies – has unveiled the new C-Guard Micro system. This compact, portable, full-coverage Explosive Ordnance Disposal jamming unit has been designed for use by military forces and law enforcement personnel,to support bomb disposal squads during EOD missions and roadblocks, and anti-terror missions.

According to The New Arab, Iraqi MPs have said that the country is looking to purchase an air defense system from one of the three selected countries: Russia, France or South Korea. Striking a deal with Moscow could possibly subject it to US sanctions.

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, on October 11 announced the launch of the ION™ M640x tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The American designed, developed and manufactured UAS builds on the capabilities of the ION M440 (a Blue sUAS) and will provide military and other government customers with best-in-class capabilities for their unique missions.

According to Vanguard, some African-designed military materiel developed to specifically address the rugged and austere African environments and threats facing armed forces on the continent have been manufactured by South Africa’s global aerospace and technology company Paramount Group. During the celebrations of Mozambique’s Armed Forces Day on September 25th, four Marauder armored personnel carriers (APCs) pioneered by Paramount Group were prominently displayed.

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