Brazilian army receives 30 M577A2 command post vehicles from US

As reported by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense on October 18, 2023, the Brazilian Army purchased 30 M577 A2 armored command vehicles from the United States Army. The delivery of these vehicles occurred on October 6th through the Foreign Military Sales program. The Command of the 5th Military Region was responsible for the unloading and transportation of the vehicles, which were subsequently transported to the 5th Regional Maintenance Park in Curitiba. There, they will undergo a modernization process to align them with the standards of the Brazilian Armed Forces.
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The M557A2 armored command vehicle is a variant of the M113 armored personnel carrier (Picture source: Brazil MoD)

Prior to this acquisition, the M577 A2 vehicles were already in service within various armored units, including the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade and the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade. As of 2022, Brazil possessed a total of 64 M577A2 vehicles in its armored fleet.

The M577 A2 is an American-origin armored command vehicle that has been in service since the early 1960s. It is part of the M113 series of tracked Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). With a weight of approximately 11.6 tons and dimensions measuring 4.86 meters in length, 2.68 m in width, and 2.7 m in height, the M577 A2 offers notable off-road capabilities, able to handle gradients of up to 60%, side slopes of 40%, and vertical obstacles of up to 0.61 m. Additionally, it can navigate trenches of up to 1.68 m and is fully amphibious, using its tracks for propulsion when traversing water.

The M577 A2 was initially equipped with a Chrysler 75M petrol engine generating 209 horsepower. Later versions were upgraded to feature a more efficient General Motors 6V53T diesel engine, producing 275 horsepower. The engine compartment features a fire extinguishing system, which can be manually operated by the driver or triggered from outside the vehicle.

The vehicle's protection features include welded aluminum armor providing resistance against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. It also incorporates an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection system, ensuring the safety of the crew. The M577 A2 has a crew of five members, which includes the driver, and features a rear power-operated ramp with an integral door, facilitating easy entry and exit.

When stationary, the M577 A2 can extend a tent at the rear, offering additional workspace for the command staff. These tents can be interconnected, allowing for collaborative operations between multiple M577 command vehicles. Inside the vehicle, provisions are made for map boards, folding tables, computers, radios, and other essential command and control equipment, ensuring the necessary resources for efficient operations. The vehicle is also compatible with various types of optronic materials, including night vision equipment, enhancing its operational capabilities.

Effective communication is crucial for command vehicles, and the M577 A2 is equipped with a hand-cranked extendable antenna to facilitate long-range communication. Additionally, it features an external petrol generator mounted at the front, generating 4.2 kW of power to supply the vehicle's electronic systems and communication equipment. This generator can be electrically started from the vehicle's batteries or manually pull-started and supports electricity export. Importantly, a single generator can serve two M577 vehicles and has been used for jump-starting when needed.