Breaking news: situation of 'Operation Swords of Iron' against Hamas

Tuesday, October 10, marks the fourth day of the war between Israel and Hamas. The previous night, the IDF conducted an unprecedented attack in Gaza. IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari stated that the IDF has shifted to a different counterattack method and is striking in waves. Tens of IAF aircraft have struck aerially every 4 hours over the past 36 hours.
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Hamas war assessment on October 10, 11:00 AM (Picture source: IDF Twitter/X account)

The Israeli Air Force has all its reserve personnel manning aircraft both in the headquarters and the squadrons on a wide scale. These strikes on thousands of terrorist targets using thousands of munitions. IDF is using every piece of intelligence to maximize damage to meeting spots for terrorists planning to invade Israel, houses belonging to senior Hamas commanders, terrorist operational centers and headquarters and terrorist infrastructure.

The main strike conducted last night targeted the Rimal area in Gaza. The area is a symbol of luxury in the center of Gaza and has very significant meaning to senior Hamas leaders and operatives. Afterward, the IAF struck further targets in Khan Yunis, including terrorist intelligence infrastructure, apartments used for operational purposes and a spot where terrorists had been gathering before attacking Israeli territory. Hundreds of Hamas terrorist organization operatives have been neutralized during these strikes. ‘’Hamas terrorists will find no shelter in Gaza’’, RAdm. Daniel Hagari warns. ‘’We will find them wherever they are!’’

Simultaneously to the IAF’s strikes, the Israeli Navy has been operating in the maritime arena, striking from sea to land. Terrorist operatives have attempted to dive, swim and utilize boats to attack via Israel’s Zikim Beach. They have failed. There are tens of neutralized Hamas terrorists from the Hamas’ naval force on the Beach or on boats.


The IDF has now full control of the area surrounding Gaza. To IDF’s knowledge, there were no infiltrations from Gaza overnight. There have been a few cases when hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers encountered terrorists in the area. The Commanding Officer of the Gaza Division met with the Chief of the General Staff yesterday together with the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command and additional brigade commanders. They toured the area and the Chief of the General Staff gave clear instructions regarding the deployment of forces, so that high-ranking officers in addition to the Commanding Officer of the Gaza Division will be deployed throughout the area and clear it from terrorists.

The IDF had an encounter between a terrorist and soldiers from the Golani Brigade’s 51st Battalion in the area of the town of Sa’ad. The army is continuing to clear the area and might encounter more terrorists. This is a war zone, therefore all instructions and guidelines within it must be adhered to. There have been two incidents ‘on’ the fence where terrorists attempted to infiltrate into Israel and were neutralized. The IDF is creating an ‘iron wall’ of tanks, helicopters and additional aircraft. The policy regarding the fence is that anyone who approaches it will be neutralized.

The IDF has completed the evacuation of all towns and communities adjacent to the Gaza security fence. There are families who have chosen to stay, there are individuals in vital positions who have chosen to stay, and at this stage thousands of IDF forces are present in the area, securing it. Many commanders are present in the area and the IDF has a number of objectives, including clearing the bodies of terrorists.

To make clear the scale of terrorist neutralization in the areas surrounding Gaza, there are hundreds of bodies of naturalized terrorists. Some Hamas terrorists have been taken and arrested. The IDF is scanning the area for Israeli missing persons and hostages as well. The area is a war zone and the IDF is operating in it as such.

North front

A number of operational incidents have taken place in the north over the past 24 hours. The IDF is on high alert in the region. No incidents are occurring in the northern arena, but IDF’s ground and aerial forces are on high alert. There has been an encounter with terrorists adjacent to the Blue Line and the Yankinton post. Israeli soldiers encountered four terrorists, one broke a hole in the fence and escaped back to Lebanon, three others infiltrated into Israel.

The Commander of the 300th Brigade engaged in contact with his force and his Deputy. Two terrorists were neutralized during the encounter and one escaped back to Lebanon. The IDF then struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the area and two have been neutralized as a result. The IDF reacted in a severe manner to this encounter.

Central Command

The IDF is operating strongly in Judea and Samaria. Its forces are currently present in the area, securing routes and conducting counterterrorism activities together with the ISA and Israel Police.

International support

The Chief of the General Staff spoke with the new U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown Jr., and the previous Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General (res.) Mark Milley. The IDF is working with the U.S. in complete operational cooperation. This cooperation is expressed operationally and in intelligence. Americans speak through actions – the U.S. forces that are arriving at the area of the Mediterranean sea are powerful forces, They are coming with the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier and vessels, with thousands of missiles and munitions. There is great coordination between U.S. and Israeli forces.

On Monday, October 9, many countries expressed significant willingness to assist Israel. The IDF is capable of facing its threats on its own. However, there is great importance in the forces and assistance that are arriving in the area, and that is the manner in which enemy countries in the region perceive this. This assistance creates great enemy deterrence. There is no lack of equipment, food or water in the state of Israel. 300,000 reservists reported for duty over 48 hours, therefore it takes time to transport equipment to them. The IDF does not lack equipment.

Fallen soldiers

To date, there are 123 IDF fallen soldiers.

Hostages and missing persons

The IDF has informed the families of 50 of the individuals who have been abducted so far regarding the situation (other figures mention 150+). There are tens of senior service members in active and reserve duty in the Manpower Directorate who are accompanying and supporting the families and gathering details from them. The Chief of the General Staff has appointed Maj.Gen. Nitzan Alon to lead the operational and intelligence efforts in the matter of missing and abducted persons.

Update:  at 3.03 PM, the Israeli embassy in the U.S. announced that Israel already counted 1,008 civilians and military personnel killed.

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