Israel requests Iron Dome interceptors and US-made precision weapons

Following a series of attacks carried out by Hamas militants, Israel has officially requested advanced missile interceptors, precision-guided munitions, and artillery shells from the U.S. Department of Defense, a U.S. government source confirmed on October 9, 2023. Israel has thus asked the U.S. for supplies to replenish its Iron Dome system in light of the conflict with Hamas.
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Firing of an Israeli Iron Dome interceptor during an exercise (Picture source: Israeli MoD )

In the short term, Israel has specifically requested interceptors for its Iron Dome system, designed to counter rocket attacks from Gaza and southern Lebanon. The system, a joint venture between the U.S. and Israel, has successfully intercepted over 2,500 short-range missiles aimed at Israel. The Iron Dome employs artificial intelligence to assess whether firing interceptors could pose risks to human life or property.

The precision-guided weapons that Israel has also requested typically use satellites or lasers to accurately direct explosives, thereby reducing collateral damage. These include a variety of missiles, rockets, and bombs that can be launched from various platforms.

The U.S. official also indicated that ongoing American military support for Israel could be bundled with aid for Ukraine, Taiwan, and domestic disaster relief efforts. The White House still has approximately $100 million left in the Presidential Drawdown Authority, a fund that has been frequently accessed for the over $40 billion in military assistance provided to Ukraine.

The U.S. also maintains a stockpile of ammunition in Israel for potential conflicts in the Middle East and Europe, including Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression. Israel has the option to access this stockpile with U.S. approval.

On Sunday, the Pentagon announced the deployment of its latest aircraft carrier and a fleet of destroyers to the eastern Mediterranean in response to the Hamas attacks. Additional air squadrons will also be deployed in the Middle East to reassure Israel and other allies.