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Development engineers from Mercedes-Benz Trucks have successfully completed a test run across the Alps with the battery-electric eActros 600 for long-distance haulage. The engineers drove the prototype, which had been loaded up to 40 tons, from Stuttgart - via the steep rise to the Swabian Jura mountain range at Aichelberg, Kufstein and the Brenner Highway – to Bolzano in South Tyrol.

Ukraine is set to welcome BAE Systems or a joint production of howitzers starting in 2024. This development was announced by Oleksandr Kamyshin, Ukraine's Minister of Strategic Industries, and marks a significant milestone for the country. However, BAE Systems is not the only company investing in Ukraine's defense industry.

On October 4, 2023, the Slovak Ministry of Defense announced plans to acquire 5,000 M4A1 assault rifles, accompanied by a comprehensive set of accessories, through the utilization of Foreign Military Financing (FMF) funds. This decision was made public during a government meeting of the Slovak Republic. The total financial outlay for the acquisition of 5,000 M4A1 rifles, inclusive of accessories, spare parts, and technical support, is set at $17,372,291. The anticipated delivery of the newly procured M4A1 rifles is scheduled to take place in 2025.

Washington D.C., United States, October 5, 2023 - At the next edition of AUSA the Association of United States Army (AUSA) defense exhibition that will be held this month in Washington D.C., General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) will showcase the final version of the U.S. Army M10 Booker combat vehicle to the public for the first time. Previously known as the MPF (Mobile Protected Firepower), this unveiling marks a pivotal moment in the defense sector.

On October 4, 2023, the US State Department approved a potential Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the Government of Spain. The proposed sale, valued at an estimated $2.8 billion, includes the acquisition of 4 PATRIOT Configuration-3+ Modernized Fire Units, including 51 PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhanced (MSE) missiles, 24 PATRIOT M903 launch stations, 4 AN/MPQ-65 radar sets, 4 AN/MSQ-132 Engagement Control Stations, 2 Information Coordination Central (ICC) units, 8 Antenna Mast Groups, 4 Electrical Power Plants, and 4 Energy Power Units.

In a recent report by the Army Recognition editorial team on the Serbian defense industry, the spotlight was cast on the technological advancements and innovations led by Yugoimport, the nation's premier defense company. Aleksandar Lijakovic, Director of the Direction for Commercial Businesses at Yugoimport, presented the report, offering an in-depth overview of the significant strides Serbia is making in the realm of military technology.

During an interview with Defense Daily on October 4, 2023, Scott Taylor, Director of US Business Development at General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), mentioned that the company is preparing to unveil the StrykerQB technology demonstrator at the Association of the United States Army's (AUSA) annual conference in Washington, D.C. This hybrid-electric platform has been designed to serve as a robotic controller vehicle, with insights gathered from the US Army and their ongoing human-machine integration initiative.

The French Ministry of Defense on October 4 posted a tweet in which it informed that, with a budget of €47.2 billion, the 2024 Armed Forces Finance Bill embodies the first step of the LPM 2024-2030 (Military Programming Law 2024-203). 2024 will be the first year of implementation of the 2024-2030 military programming law (LPM).

Georgia's Ministry of Defense announced on October 02, 2023,  the acquisition of the C-90 anti-tank system from Spanish manufacturer Instalaza. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze and included live-fire demonstrations at the Krtsanisi training field near Tbilisi. During the event, the minister himself fired both an inert and a live round from the C-90, successfully hitting targets at a distance of 300 meters.

According to the Slovak Ministry of Defense (MoD) on October 4, 2023, the Government of the Slovak Republic gave the green light for the acquisition of new air defense systems with a total value of nearly €200 million. The procurement plan includes two primary components: the Barak MX medium-range air defense system from Israel's Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and 36 Piorun MANPADS (Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems) from Poland's state-owned defense company Mesko.

Volvo Defense, a division operating under Volvo Trucks, has inked a framework agreement with the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia. This agreement pertains to the supply of logistical trucks, and Volvo has been selected as one of the two suppliers responsible for delivering up to 3,000 vehicles over a span of 7 years. The contract was signed during a ceremony held in Tallinn, Estonia on Wednesday, 4 October, attended by representatives from the Estonian and Swedish governments.

According to Wpristav.SU on October 4, 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense has recently disclosed plans to strengthen and restructure the Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) with hundreds of tanks and its own aviation. These developments are taking place amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, during which Russian Airborne troops have demonstrated adaptability in executing a range of military tasks. Though comprehensive details of this reorganization are still forthcoming, some key elements have been disclosed.

On October 3, 2023, the US State Department granted approval for a potential Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the Government of Oman, involving the acquisition of 301 Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wireless-Guided (TOW) 2B Radio Frequency (RF) missiles (BGM-71F-7-RF), at an estimated cost of $70 million. Alongside these missiles, which include seven "Fly-to-Buy" missiles, the sale also encompasses technical, program, logistics, and engineering support services from both the US Government and contractor sources, as well as various logistics and program support elements.

According to a tweet by Chuck Pfarrer dated October 3, 2023, the Ukrainian military has repurposed the S-200 surface-to-air missile system to function as a long-range surface-to-surface weapon. These modified missiles have been used to target Russian forces in occupied territories of Ukraine. The first images, showing the launch of a modified S-200 missile, were released by Ukrainian television.

Ukrainian Armor, a Ukrainian company, announced that it is in negotiations with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) to produce Ascod infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) under license in Ukraine. The announcement was made by Vladyslav Belbas, the CEO of Ukrainian Armor. The discussions also involve the Czechoslovak Group as a possible third party in the deal.

By a tweet posted on October 3, 2023, the DGA (Directorate General of Armament) announced that, in September, it had received and delivered to the French Ground Force (arlée de Terre) the 6th Griffon in the artillery observation vehicle variant (VOA, Véhicule d’Observation d’artillerie), as well as 7 Griffons in the Armored Personnel Carrier variant.

Norwegian Vice Admiral Louise K. Dedichen made history in Brussels, Marius V. Villanger reports: not since 1992 has a Norwegian chaired NATO's Military Committee meetings, and never before has a woman done so. On Thursday 28 September, Norway's permanent military representative to NATO, Vice Admiral Louise K. Dedichen, was the first to do so.

A remarkable display of unity unfolded at the Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria as a multitude of NATO military forces came together for the much-anticipated Exercise Noble Blueprint 2023 training exercise on September 26. The event, aimed at enhancing collective defense capabilities in the Black Sea region, drew military and government leaders from various nations, showcasing their commitment to deterrence and defense, Spc. Trevares Johnson, U.S. Army, reports.

Russia is potentially considering the acquisition of Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, as part of strengthening its military ties with Iran. This information was disclosed by the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War think tank. Senior Russian and Iranian military officials have recently reviewed advanced Iranian military equipment. It's worth noting that this possibility had already been highlighted by the Army Recognition Group in an article dated October 16, 2022.

Asio Technologies, an Israeli developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems and tactical defense solutions, will present its GNSS-denied vision-based navigation solution for UAVs at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, DC. The company announces that it has recently completed the delivery of 100 systems to a strategic defense customer. This is a follow-on order emphasizing the distinctive benefits of Asio Technologies' unique navigation solution for defense clients and drone manufacturers.

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