Ukraine launches mass production of First Contact Vidsich UAV

Ukraine is set to launch mass production of a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), called "Vidsich." This drone has been developed by the company First Contact, which has been active in the drone sector since 2014. Designed to target Russian positions, it is capable of carrying a payload weighing between 2 and 3 kilograms over a distance of up to 40 kilometers, all under the control of an operator.
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Ukrainian company First Contact's Vidsich drone (Picture source: Vidéo footage from First Contact )

Drones have become increasingly important in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, a point no one can dispute. Ukraine is therefore frequently launching the production of new UAVs capable of more effectively striking Russian forces; this is their latest production run. Let's take a closer look at the technical features of this Vidsich drone.

Representatives from the "Drone Army" have emphasized that one of the advantages of this model is its ability to be stealthy. It is virtually invisible and inaudible in the sky when in operation. The drone has already been tested in combat conditions, and developers have specified that it operates in tandem with reconnaissance drones.

As for its technical specifications, the "Vidsich" has a payload capacity of 3 kilograms, a flight range of up to 40 kilometers, a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour, and can fly at an altitude of up to 2 kilometers. It is equipped with a brushless electric motor with a power of 1100 watts and has a battery capacity of 2x10,000 mAh per hour.

The drone can be deployed in 15 minutes and is a remotely piloted aircraft with the ability to program flight routes. Additionally, "Vidsich" received NATO codification in 2023, indicating its role in delivering targeted equipment for various missions and command structures. According to the developers, the UAV is part of a larger complex and serves as a tactical strike-type aircraft.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has recently approved a decision to simplify the importation of materials required for the production of ammunition and combat components for UAVs.