Yugoimport Aleksandar self-propelled howitzer challenges NATO giants

The Aleksandar is a new self-propelled artillery system that was recently presented at the Partner 2023 defense exhibition. Developed by Yugoimport SDPR J.P., this system has equipped the Serbian army since 2021. It is equipped with a 155mm/52 caliber cannon mounted on an 8x8 truck chassis.
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Yugoimport Aleksandar self-propelled howitzer (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Aleksandar artillery system is designed with a front crew cabin, different from its previous version based on a Kamaz truck chassis. The cabin is fully protected, providing defense against small arms fire and artillery shell shrapnel. The system requires a crew of three: a driver, a commander, and a gunner.

The Aleksandar barrel is manufactured in two versions. The first version complies with JBMOU and has a 23-liter chamber. The second version features a 25-liter chamber, allowing significantly greater range and firepower.

The artillery system is equipped with a fully automatic loading system located at the rear of the gun. It has a capacity of 12 shells ready to fire. The system can fire six rounds in less than a minute. Additionally, a storage box located aft of the crew cabin holds 12 additional shells.

The Aleksandar is compatible with the entire range of NATO 155mm ammunition. It can also fire Serbian ERFB (Extended Range Full Bore) projectiles with a maximum range of 37.5 km, ERFB BB (Long Range Artillery Projectiles) projectiles with a maximum range of 49 km, and VLAP (Velocity -enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectiles) with a maximum range of 62 km.

The gun system is mounted on a rotating platform that can move 30° to the right and left. In the firing position, two hydraulic jacks on either side of the truck chassis can be lowered to the ground from inside the crew cab to stabilize the vehicle.