FFG presents Ukrainian variant of Wisent 1 mine clearing vehicle

The Wisent 1, developed by FFG, is an armored vehicle that covers multiple roles in military operations. It is designed to adapt to the constantly evolving needs of the armed forces, offering a range of configurations that include an Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV), an Armored Engineering Vehicle (AEV), and a mine-clearing tank (MC). At DSEI 2023, FFG presented a variant of its demining version intended for Ukraine.
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Ukrainian variant of Wisent 1 mine clearing system with Pearson Engineering equipment (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Depending on the mission, it can be equipped with a 30-ton crane arm, a state-of-the-art articulated excavator arm, or demining capabilities like the Ukrainian variant. Additional features such as weapon stations, heat-reflecting camouflage nets, and other systems can also be added.

The demining vehicle, presented at DSEI 2023, is equipped with a system from Pearson Engineering. Ukraine has already received 8 Wisent 1 demining models, a vehicle highly useful given the number of mines used by the Russian armed forces. Of course, the demining vehicle has some differences in its suspension and improved armor. The Pearson Engineering system is capable of unearthing mines up to 25 to 30 cm deep, depending on the type of terrain.

The vehicle is designed for mobility in various situations, powered by an FFG engine enhanced in terms of performance. It has a fully automatic transmission with 4+2 speeds and can reach speeds of up to 62km/h. With a range of 375km, it is capable of navigating difficult terrains, with a climbing capacity of 60% and an ability to traverse slopes of 30%.

Safety is a primary concern for the Wisent 1. It offers ballistic protection in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 level 5 standards and level 3 protection against mines. The vehicle can also be equipped with additional armor modules for mission-specific security configurations. A standard fire-extinguishing system and options for a dedicated camera system and an elevated weapon station contribute to the overall safety of the crew.

The Wisent 1 measures 8.20m in length, 3.46 meters in width, and 2.95m in height, with a total weight of 44.5 tons. Its lifting capacity is 30 tons, and it is powered by a 700kW engine with a torque of 3,200Nm.