MSPO 2023: HSW presents Rosomak IFV with ZSSW-30 turret

During the MSPO 2023 expo, a Rosomak armored personnel carrier equipped with the ZSSW-30 turret is showcased by HSW. This fusion of two technologies offers unprecedented capabilities and enhances the versatility of the Rosomak.
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Rosomak Armored Personnel Carrier with ZSSW-30 Turret (Picture source: Army Recognition )

The Rosomak is an 8x8 armored vehicle developed in Poland, in collaboration with Finland. It is capable of overcoming slopes of 60%, has a side inclination of 35%, and can clear vertical obstacles of 0.5 meters. With a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a range of at least 500 km, it is perfectly suited for field operations. The Rosomak is powered by a Scania DI 12 49 A 03 P engine, offering a nominal power of 294 kW at 2100 rpm and a maximum torque of 1,670 Nm at 1500 rpm. The vehicle can accommodate up to 9 soldiers and has a permissible gross weight of 26,000 kg.

The ZSSW-30 turret was developed by a consortium led by HSW, with support from WB Electronics. The turret is armed with a 30 mm Bushmaster Mk 44/S automatic cannon capable of firing Air Burst Munitions (ABM). This cannon can also be converted to fire 40 mm caliber ammunition, thus offering flexibility in armament choices. In addition to the main cannon, the turret has a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, making it effective against infantry targets. The ZSSW-30 is also equipped with a dual-tube Spike anti-tank missile launcher. The turret has an advanced fire control system with automatic tracking. It is also equipped with two optronic systems for the gunner and the commander, offering "hunter-killer" or "killer-killer" capabilities. One of the advantages of the ZSSW-30 is its ability to be mounted on various types of vehicles, including the Rosomak.

The addition of the ZSSW-30 turret to the Rosomak brings several advantages. Firstly, it significantly enhances the vehicle's firepower, making it more effective against a variety of targets, including armored vehicles and enemy fortifications. Moreover, the turret is designed to be easily integrated into the Rosomak, allowing for quick and cost-effective modernization of the existing fleet.

The combination of the Rosomak and the ZSSW-30 turret represents a significant advancement in the vehicle's attack capabilities. The line between an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is sometimes thin, and this added firepower brings the vehicle closer to being an IFV. This synergy offers not only increased firepower but also operational flexibility.