Russian company Aeroscan unveils Product 54 Italmas long-range loitering munition

A development by Aeroscan has given rise to a long-range loitering munition referred to as the "Italmas," often colloquially known as Product 54. Alexander Rogatkin's report, featured on the Rossiya 1 TV channel, delved into the significance of this weaponry.
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Italmas long-range loitering munition (Picture source: Aeroscan)

The standout feature of the latest Italmas drone is its long range, surpassing 200 kilometers. This remarkable capability owes itself to the incorporation of an internal combustion engine into its design. Furthermore, the utilization of internal combustion engines by the developers has enabled an increase in the warhead's payload capacity. This confers a substantial advantage to the Italmas drone, even when compared to the highly regarded Lancet kamikaze drone, which has already demonstrated its prowess in Ukraine.

What sets the Italmas apart is its versatility, capable of targeting not only cannon and rocket artillery but also enemy personnel over great distances. Equipped with a cumulative warhead, this drone can effectively engage enemy armored vehicles and a wide array of targets, including HIMARS rocket launchers.

Aeroscan, situated in Izhevsk, specializes in the research and production of unmanned vehicles, with the distinction of being the parent company of the ZALA Aero Group.

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