Russian company Dyagterev proposes Kord-338LM sniper rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum

Rosoboronexport has announced that the Kord sniper rifle, designed by the state-owned Dyagterev Plant specifically for the new .338 Lapua Magnum caliber, is now poised to make its debut in the global arms market. This impressive firearm was showcased at the esteemed international forum known as "Army-2023."
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Kord sniper rifle specifically designed by the state-owned Dyagterev Plant for the new .338 Lapua Magnum caliber (Picture source: Dyagterev)

The ZiD design team has been diligently working on developing the Kord-338LM sniper rifle for the past two years. This firearm is chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber (8.68×70 mm) and is currently in the final stages of preparation for mass production, following a thorough evaluation in operational conditions. Notably, the rifle underwent testing in the demanding conditions of Syria and Ukraine, where it garnered commendable feedback from users.

The Russian military is presently equipped with the ASVK/KVSK 6V7 "Kord-M" rifle in 12.7 mm caliber, a weapon that was officially adopted by the armed forces in 2013. Subsequent enhancements have further optimized its performance, including weight reduction measures and an extended operational lifespan of up to 4,500 shots. Notably, a patented muzzle brake with superior efficiency has been integrated, significantly mitigating recoil forces and minimizing the telltale flash of gunfire when used during nighttime operations.

Additionally, this rifle has been outfitted with an adjustable aluminum cheek plate and butt plate, affording the shooter greater ergonomic control. Moreover, the trigger force can be tailored to individual preferences, enhancing precision. The firearm operates via a longitudinally sliding rotary bolt mechanism and features a free-floating barrel design, contributing to its impressive accuracy.

As standard, the rifle comes equipped with the versatile 1P88-2 optical sight, offering variable magnification to suit a variety of scenarios. Furthermore, the rifle can be adapted with a range of silencers, further enhancing its tactical versatility and stealth capabilities. These innovations collectively underscore the commitment of ZiD designers to produce cutting-edge sniper rifles that meet the rigorous demands of modern military operations.

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