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The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Chikez Diemu, Minister of Defence, Disarmament, and Veterans (Ancien Combattants), with the French acronym MDNDAC, succeeded the former Defence Minister Adolphe Onusumba Yemba (of RCD-G) in February 2007. The majority of FARDC members are land forces, but it also has a small air force and an even smaller navy. Together the three services may number around 65,000 personnel.In addition, there is a presidential force called the Republican Guard, but the National Congolese Police are not part of the Armed Forces.
The land forces of the Republic Democratic of the Congo is around 60.000 soldiers, with some 30 infantry regiment, 1 Presidential Guard, 1 infantry mechanised brigade, 1 commando brigade.
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