Iveco displays SUPERVAV 8x8 amphibious armoured vehicle for the first time in UK at DSEI 2013

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DSEI 2013
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10 - 13 September 2013
London, United Kingdom
Iveco displays 8x8 SuperAV at DSEI 2013
Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 3:55 PM
Iveco displays SUPERVAV 8x8 amphibious armoured vehicle for the first time in UK at DSEI 2013.

At DSEI 2013,Iveco Defence Vehicles displays the amphibious 8x8 SUPERAV which is being displayed in the UK for the first time. Developed to meet the requirement for a vehicle to support littoral operations, SUPERAV provides class leading payload and protection.

United Kingdom, London. At DSEI 2013, BAE Systems, building on the success of the BAe 146/Avro RJ regional jetliner in a variety of military and special role applications, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft today unveiled its proposal for a cost-effective air-to-air refuelling (A2R) variant of the aircraft.
Iveco SUPERAV at DSEI 2013

The base vehicle is currently being offered for the US Marine Corps (MPC) program. Operational trials are on-going and the results received to date are highly promising. SUPERAV is available in two different body widths – 2.7 and 3 metres, for different roles. As a result of SUPERAV’s high payload, the vehicle can be equipped with weapon systems of up to 40mm calibre.

The SUPERAV design exploits the lessons learnt from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the innovative chassis and hull design providing high levels of protection against both mine and IED attack without compromising the vehicle’s amphibious performance. By designing in survivability from the outset, Iveco’s engineers have ensured that, even at the lower GVWs available, SUPERAV has the highest protection in its class. Survivability is enhanced by a series of designinnovations, including high performance on board fire fighting and anti-explosion systems.

SUPERAV is particularly well adapted for operations, with the well proven driveline allowing the vehicle to carry an additional 4.8 tonnes over and above its amphibious limit of 24 tonnes. As a result of this outstanding design flexibility, many variants are available including Personnel Carrier, Combat Vehicle, Anti-Tank, Mortar Carrier, Recovery, Ambulance, Engineering, and Command Post, depending on specific to customer requirements. On relevant variants, a hydraulically controlled rear ramp allows rapid access and egress.

SUPERAV’s high fuel and on-board water capacity ensure that the vehicle is capable of undertaking operations across substantial distances, with a 500 mile range on land, and 40 miles in amphibious mode. This outstanding operational mobility is complimented by the vehicle’s tactical mobility and terrain accessibility, enhanced by a Central Tyre Inflation System and run-flats all round. An area in which Iveco has acquired considerable expertise, and from which SUPERAV benefits, is the installation of appliqué passive and active protection systems without noticeably changing the vehicle’s profile. This has the considerable benefit of ensuring that an enemy cannot tell what level of protection a given vehicle is carrying.

The vehicle’s engine and driveline were selected to provide the benefits of a COTS production system which is both highly reliable and particularly well suited to this application, being derived from the battle proven Centauro vehicle family.

The driveline’s H-shaped configuration combines redundancy (with 2 lateral drive shafts), and structural simplicity (1 differential instead of 4) with proven durability. Additionally, the H-shape provides intrinsic ABS functionality to the vehicle. The independent hydraulic suspension units allow the driver to vary the ride height within given parameters, enabling him to tilt the vehicle for loading and unloading payload, level the vehicle while firing in a sloped terrain and reduce height to fit into a C130.

The vehicle’s air conditioning system allows the crew to operate in climatic conditions between -32°C to + 49°C. NBC filtration is provided by a continuously monitored internal overpressure, with air coming out from both common filtered air outlets and individual tubes which can be connected to personal respirators.

Video IVECO Defence Vehicles at DSEI 2013