Rheinmetall’s Lumenator and Vario-Ray series: small arms advanced modular accessories at DSEI 2017

Rheinmetall has added additional modular components to its Vario-Ray family of laser light modules. The Vario-Ray LowProfile and Lumenator, a family of separate weapon lights are on display at DSEI 2017.

Rheinmetall small arms accessories DSEI 2017
Rheinmetall's Vario-Ray LowProfile laser module at DSEi 2017

Extremely compact, the Vario-Ray LowProfile laser module and Lumenator weapon light give the user greater tactical flexibility. As the name suggests, the LowProfile module features an extremely flat design. Weighing just 155 grams, the module is 83 mm long, 63 mm wide and 34 mm high. It is mounted on top of the weapon at 12 o’clock, though without interfering with the line of sight: the height above the Picatinny rail is just 25 mm. It features a powerful infrared (IR) illuminator with an electronic zoom function as well as two laser target markers with a maximum output of 30 mW: an IR laser for the invisible spectrum and a visible laser available in red or green versions. All Vario-Ray LowProfile lasers are co-aligned and can be precisely adjusted using the 0.2mil/click adjustment screw. As with other members of the Vario-Ray product family, optional eye-safe operation is also possible. Waterproof to a depth of 30 metres, it is also designed for extended use – just one 3V CR123 battery enables sustained operation for approximately five hours.

The new, separately available Lumenator weapon light family is the ideal match for the LowProfile module. Its illumination performance is excellent. A selection of lamp heads with up to 700 lumens and different beam patterns are available, meaning that the weapon light can be perfectly adapted to the mission. Just 122 mm long, it is very easy to handle, while two 3V CR123 batteries enable approximately one hour of operation at full power. A Picatinny quick-mount system lets the user attach the lamp to the weapon as required. As an option, the easy-to-handle light can be carried in a holster attached to the user’s equipment – or a second one as backup: extra light always comes in handy no matter what the mission. When connected to the LowProfile laser module, the Lumenator modular weapon lamp features extra functions such as double-click-permanent-on and dimming. Furthermore, both devices feature a “central lock”: if the laser module is shut off, the same applies to the weapon light.

Rheinmetall’s new products are key components for enhancing the tactical efficiency of modern assault rifles. Visitors to the Rheinmetall stand at DSEI 2017 can learn about other members of the Vario-Ray family as well as the Multi-Ray MR 500 and MR 800 fire control and aiming systems.
The TAC-Ray tactical laser range finder with built-in ballistic computer is also on display at DSEI.