DSEI 2019: Tyron unveils Single Piece Rubber Runflat

A new competitor in single piece rubber runflats was unveiled Tyron Runflat. The Tyron ATR-SP provides users with a choice of supplier for the single piece rubber runflat which up to now they have not had.

Tyron unveils Single Piece Rubber Runflat 3
Tyron ATR-SP run-flat(Picture source: Tyron)

The Tyron ATR-SP uses the same fitting equipment currently in-service with defence forces in many countries, most notably NATO defence forces, which means that both vehicle OEMs and end-users can now specify the Tyron solution without the expense of investing in new capital equipment.

“The marketplace has been seeking a competitor product for many years and though we feel that out multi-piece runflat offers superior logistic support and more than comparable performance, we are now introducing the Tyron ATR-SP as an option for those users who already have single piece rubber runflats in service,” said Richard Glazebrook, Chief Executive of Tyron Runflat Ltd.

The Tyron ATR-SP locks the tyre onto the wheel in the event of a blow out or an operator initiated deflation. It provides the vehicle wheel with a rubber base which can absorb the knocks that come from driving off-road and gives the vehicle crew a smoother ride and they therefore arrive at their objective in a better condition. In the event of deflation from enemy action the ATR-SP ensures that the vehicle can keep moving to an area of safety, sometimes many miles away.

During DSEI, Tyron has been exhibiting its range of All Terrain Rubber (ATR) Runflats including its patented multi piece unit, the ATR-MP, which does not require an hydraulic press to squeeze the runflat in and out of the tyre which is needed for single piece runflats. The ATR-MP is field mountable and de-mountable without any special tools, this reduces logistic costs and the complexities of systems requiring specialist equipment. Also on display is the Carbon-ATR, which reduces the total runflat weight by up to 40% by replacing the steel spine with a carbon fibre one, making it the lightest rubber runflat in the world.


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