DX Korea 2018: BAE Systems Expanding its Presence in South Korea

BAE Systems is expanding its presence in The Republic of Korea through the opening of a new office in Sacheon. The office is part of BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems business and provides in-country services and interface with Korean customers and partners and also support the key products developed by its Electronic Systems business in the US and UK including advanced avionics, flight controls, active sticks, head-up displays and precision guided munitions.

DX Korea 2018 BAE Systems Expanding its Presence in South Korea
BAE Systems stand during DX Korea 2018

BAE Systems is displaying and demonstrating the BVS10 at DX Korea
It has the following Characteristics:
• Capability. BvS10 family of all-terrain vehicles provides a force multiplier across the full spectrum of defence 24/7 .
• Flexibility. BvS10 is built on a modular concept allowing for greater platform configuration and flexibility to any task.
• Mobility. BvS10 is proven in the extreme mountainous regions of the arctic, Hot and high, arid conditions of the desert and the extreme humidity in Asia.
• Transportability. BvS10 is transportable by a wide range of capabilities, Rail, shipping, train, flatbed truck, Air portable by aircraft or underslung from Helicopters. BvS10 can be fitted into a 40 foot ISO container.
• Reliability. BvS10 is combat proven with high levels of reliability, availability and crew safety.
• Generational Change. BvS10 provides both protected and unprotected bodies, digitised architecture, operating range of 500 / 900km and NBC overpressure.

BAE Systems’ footprint in Korea extends across the air, sea, land, and security domains. BAE Systems has delivered over 400 BV-206s all-terrain vehicles to Korea’s Army and equipped 30 of Korea’s naval platforms with our combat systems. We are progressing sustainment opportunities within this installed base, in collaboration with Korean industry.
• BAE supplies advanced EW, communication, IFF, and flight avionics on nearly all fixed wing and helicopter aircraft in-service with ROKAF -- we are partners/suppliers for the ROK-designed/manufactured F/A-50 Light Combat Aircraft..
• As South Korea selects F-35, BAE Systems is proud to serve Korea as a principal partner on the program: the company contributes 15% to each aircraft with aft fuselages manufactured in the UK and Electronic Combat Suite in the U.S