Arab International Optronics unveils new D39 thermal imager at EDEX 2018

Besides the MTLB-V ground surveillance vehicle, the Egyptian company AIO is also introducing for the first time its new D39 long range thermal imager at EDEX 2018, being held from 3-5 December in Cairo.

Long Range Thermal Imager D39 picture 925 001
AIO's D39 long range thermal imager at EDEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The D39 is an uncooled thermal imaging camera. It offers compact and ergonomic design with great performance and reliability.

The D39 thermal imager, which can be handheld or mounted on a tripod, provides outstanding day and night operational capabilities in terms of observation.

Its high-sensitive uncooled 640x480 resolution detector with 17 µm pitch provides a detailed and clear picture and is offering a perfect visual tool for a variety of applications. The camera can withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions.

The D39 is working in the 8-12 µm spectral band with a frame rate of 50 Hz. It has an identification performance of 550 m for human and 1700 m for a vehicle, and detects human and vehicle at respectively up to 3,500 m and 10,300 m. It features

It only weighs 3.25 kg, including batteries and bracket, and is powered by five Li-Ion batteries.