Swedish Ordnance 250-500 rounds ammunition box for machine gun

At Enforce TAC 2018, Swedish Ordnance showcased a special 500-round ammo box carried in a rucksack and connected to a MAG machine gun via a belt guide. Needless to say how strong the machine gunner must be to carry and fire such a weapon system!

Swedish Ordnance ammunition box 250 500 rounds for machine gun
500-round ammo box in rucksack, connected to a MAG machine gun via a belt guide (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Among various original and simple but very efficient assault rifle and machinegun accessories, we noticed a particular feeding system for a machinegun, demonstrated at Enforce TAC with a 7.62mm MAG: a rucksack dimensioned to receive a 500-round ammo box, this standard box being connected to the machinegun via a classic aluminum belt guide. The same system exists for a 250-round belt.

For a more classic operating mode, the ammo box can also be extracted from the rucksack and the ammo belt then be connected to the machinegun via a simple adaptor within less than a minute.

If we may, “Rambo” would have loved this weapon system! Considering the weight of the rucksack plus a 500-round belt, plus the somewhat neglectable belt guide, plus the machinegun, all this added to the ability to fire while in movement (the reason of being for such a feeding system), one can easily imagine how strong the machine gunner must be to use such a weapon and rucksack! And there are, as this system is already used by “some special forces, somewhere”, without mentioning further details...



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