Enforce Tac 2019: B&T showcases its USW-G17/-G20 chassis

Swiss company B&T is present at Enforce Tac 2019, displaying its brand new USW-G17/-G20 universal service weapon glock chassis.

Enforce Tac 2019 BT showcases its USW G17 G20 chassis
B&T’s USW-G17/G-20 on display at Enforce Tac 2019, Germany (Picture source : Army Recognition)

Many law enforcement agencies worldwide carry the 9 x 19 mm Glock pistol as a side weapon, it would give any user a significant tactical advantage, if those pistols could be adapted to the B&T USW system. This would allow the operator to extend the engagement distance to 75 meters or more.

The Universal Service Weapon developed by B&T raised many eyebrows in the small arms trade. The ability to engage targets at much longer distances had a great appeal to professional users but the objection always was raised that the service already had a service weapon. The solution was a chassis that would convert an existing Glock 17 and similar models into the USW configuration.

The all machined aluminium chassis provides a rock solid structure to mount the pistol. The conversion takes about 2 minutes and all the parts are supplied. There is no permanent modification to the weapon. All that has to be done is to replace the back slide plate so the charging handle can be mounted. This will then enable the operator to quickly rack the slide.

The design of the USW-G17 / -G20 is not just a new weapon but an entire new category of weapon that fills the gap between Pistol, Submachine Gun and Police Carbine. The USW-G will enable any operator to effectively engage targets from 0 out to 75 meters (82 yards). This is thanks to the new concept that combines the latest Aimpoint ACRO P-1® Red Dot Sight, integrated side folding stock and the clever patented design.

The ACRO red dot sight is used as the primary aiming system, while the original open sights remain as a backup. The folding stock is integrated into the aluminium chassis. It is not an add-on part. The bridge of the receiver which mounts the Aimpoint is fixed thus the Aimpoint does not move and stays stationary during the cycling process.

The chassis also has a Picatinny/NAR (NATO Accessory Rail) to accept any type of light or laser on the market. The purpose designed holster will enable the operator to draw and fire the weapon in less than 1.0 seconds at a target without the stock extended. Unfolding the stock during the draw process adds less than 0.4 seconds.