Enforce TAC 2019: New subsidiary in Germany for Theon Sensors night vision producer

Theon Sensors from Greece, one of the leading international companies for night vision and thermal imaging equipment, is announcing the opening of its new subsidiary in Germany. Theon Deutschland GmbH is established in response to the strong demand for night vision and thermal imaging systems in Germany and neighboring countries with the aim to support and expand future business.

New subsidiary in Germany from Theon Sensors night vision producer Enforce TAC 2019 925 001
Theon Sensors booth at at Enforce TAC 2019, International Exhibition & Conference Law Enforcement, Security and Tactical Solutions for Police and Security in Nuremberg, Germany. (Picture source Army Recognition)

“The establishment of Theon Sensors in Germany comes naturally as it follows the recent successes with the German Army, where Theon Sensors delivers its night vision goggles in large numbers to the Special Forces Command (KSK) but also to the regular Army” said Thomas Dakos, President and CTO of Theon Sensors. “Germany is a key market for Theon Sensors and we want to use our new German subsidiary to further strengthen our growing presence in Europe, while we are developing new and advanced products in the field of night vision, thermal and SWIR.”

Theon Sensors is already operational in Germany with its own personnel, while additional staff has been recruited to join the company in the coming months. Moreover, the cooperation with JK Defence, Theon Sensors'business partner in Germany, shall be expanded; the maintenance and support of Theon’s systems shall be provided in close collaboration between the two companies, while the police business will continue to be handled directly by JK Defense. The headquarters of Theon Sensors Deutschland are in Kempen, near Dusseldorf, being strategically located for easy and quick access to all its customers in Germany and neighboring countries.

Theon Sensors is part of EFA Group, whichconsists of companies that have a leading-edge position in the international markets in the fields of aerospace, security, defense and industrial cooperation. EFA Group employs more than 200 people in total and has established itself as a leader in its field in more than 40 countries worldwide. EFA Group includes Theon Sensorsand alsoEFA Ventures (Industrial Cooperation Projects), SCYTALYS (Datalinks, Interoperability, Command & Control Systems), ES Systems (Sensors based mainly on MEMS and IoT), Aerospace Ventures (Industrial & Technology Participation), and the Epicos global B2B information platform for the ADHT Industries. Therefore, the activities of all EFA Group companies will be supported by the new Theon Deutschland subsidiary.