Rheinmetall mortar systems and ammunition effective indirect fire support for the infantry

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Rheinmetall at Eurosatory 2014
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 03:21 PM
Rheinmetall mortar systems and ammunition effective indirect fire support for the infantry
At Eurosatory 2014 in Paris, Rheinmetall has emphasized its role as a “one-stop shop” for mortar systems. Experience gained in military operations worldwide shows that infantry units, special operations forces and other troops that fight on foot require a highly effective organic indirect fire capability As a partner of the men with “boots on the ground”, Rheinmetall supplies mortar systems, ammunition and fire control units.

Rheinmetall Fly-K mobile protection module

Light, compact, quiet and with a low signature, one such indirect fire system is Rheinmetall’s Fly-K mortar system. The French armed forces have used the Fly-K with excellent results in Afghanistan. A wide array of cartridges – ranging from practice rounds to service ammunition with a range of up to 800 metres – delivers outstanding firepower. Owing to its propelling system, the mortar system can fire multiple rounds in rapid succession with negligible heat generation and an extremely low firing signature (60 dB). When fired, it basically makes no more noise than popping a champagne cork. In addition, Rheinmetall has developed an easy-to-mount digital aiming device for the Fly-K. It measures the incline and elevation angle of the barrel before showing the range of the mortar shell on a display.


Rheinmetall’s family of 60mm mortar ammunition encompasses service and practice ammunition, including insensitive high explosive (IHE), high explosive (HE), RP smoke/obscurant (multispectral), and illumination rounds (visible and infrared). The IHE ammunition is optimized for insensitivity, meeting or exceeding all STANAG 4439 criteria. In terms of effectiveness, the Group’s optimized IHE-pre-formed-fragments (PFF) 60mm ammunition is comparable to 81mm ammunition – even though weapon and ammunition both weigh less.


Rheinmetall Fly-K mortar

The new 60mm ammunition lends itself especially well to commando-type mortars with barrel lengths of 640 up to 1400 millimetres. It can also be fired from long-range systems such as the M6 launcher made by Denel Land Systems of South Africa. When fired from an 895-millimetre-long barrel, the maximum effective range is approximately 4,000 metres. Furthermore, the new 60mm mortar family is compatible with all standard weapon systems in this calibre featuring a maximum operating pressure of at least 73MPa.


In all variants, the propelling charge is identical and, depending on customer requirements, can contain either EI® or ECL® powder (still under development) from Rheinmetall Nitrochemie in a combustible case. Loading systems and ballistic tables can likewise by modified to meet customer requirements. The obturation characteristics of the mortar shells contribute to a longer maximum effective range.