Seeing through the walls : three new solutions by Camero

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16 - 20 June 2014
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Camero at Eurosatory 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014 02:57 PM

Seeing through the walls : three new solutions by Camero
The capability of seeing through walls was displayed at Eurosatory 2014 from Camero, member of the SK Group. The company has developed three solutions, ideal for combat in urban areas. Being operational with 30 customers worldwide, the through-wall systems have proven to be a indispensible tool both for special and conventional forces.

Camero's stand and products during Eurosatory 2014

The three products being marketed by Camero are the Xaver 100, 400 and 800. The first is a handheld device that gives basic data, such as whether a person is in the room or not and how far away it is, with an autonomy of 3.5 hours, based on the batteries life. The Xaver 100 was developed last year and has already been acquired by a series of users.


The Xaver 400 is a compact radar that provides 2D modeling of the area behind the wall, with a panoramic plan. It can track the movement patterns, the number of living people or animals, as well as the existence of any major obstacles, within the general layout and the dimensions of the room. It contains a rechargeable battery and extra replaceable batteries, giving an autonomy of 7 to 8 hours.


XAVER™ 800 High Performance ISR Through Wall Imaging System

The biggest member of the family, the Xaver 800 is a full 3D radar for ISR data. Using a low-frequency signal, just as the two other versions, it provides the user with critical information on the existence of life in a room, the number of people, their location and moving pattern, their height and orientation, the rooms three-dimensional layout and the presence of any obstacles or other infrastructure.