Eurosatory 2016: French Army showcases the “Scorpionized” Leclerc tank

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Eurosatory 2016: French Army showcases the “Scorpionized” Leclerc tank

Stelios Kanavakis, Senior Defence Analyst

The French Army showcases the GIAT Leclerc tank with its  Scorpion upgrade package. The programme is at its early stages. Its goal is to upgrade a total of 200 tanks and 18 recovery vehicles.
Eurosatory 2016 French Army showcases the Scorpionized Leclerc tank 01

The EUR330 million contract was awarded in 2015 to Nexter Systems. The deliveries are scheduled to take place between 2020 and 2028, thus retaining the platform in service until 2040. Some of the programme’s technical details are under discussion, therefore the first updated prototype will be delivered to DGA for testing in 2018.

The upgrade will focus in three main areas. Namely, the increase of the level of protection; the addition of new electronic systems to integrate the platform in the Scorpion environment and the improved firepower capabilities.

Protection will be enhanced with the addition of reactive armour, counter-IED jamming protection, anti-mine protection and counter-RPG net.
 Eurosatory 2016 French Army showcases the Scorpionized Leclerc tank 02

The new electronics will include the Bull Atos Technologies SICS command and control system, the CONTACT tactical radio and upgrades of the interfaces, the main computer and the INS/GPS system.

The improved firepower capabilities will come with the integration of a new fire control system and remote weapon station for a 7.62mm machine gun. In addition, one of the pending decisions is whether the French Army will make any upgrades to the gun system. If not, Nexter Systems could offer the new M3M HE 120 mm air-burt ammunition.