Saab’s Barracuda Soft Armour up to the hard task of protection against ballistic penetration.

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Saab's Barracuda Soft Armour up to the hard task of protection against ballistic penetration
Saab’s Barracuda Soft Armour offers ballistic protection against armour piercing (AP) ammunition (STANAG Level III), and fragments, with multi-hit protection against several strikes in the same area without degradation.
Barracuda Soft Armour is used as a filler for cavities in walls, soft coverings etc in the form of spherical ceramic pellets. The pellets pack out the space and offer ballistic protection from AP rounds and fragments and can withstand multiple hits in the same area, without degradation of protection. The ceramic pellets are environmentally friendly, ricochet free, can be reused and stored in bulk.

Barracuda Soft Armour Modular™ is a complete tactical and movable walling system that is delivered flat packed and can be assembled and filled with the ceramic pellets. It is easy to transport and assemble without tools and doesn’t require any special training.

Barracuda Soft Armour Construction™ is for use with fixed buildings and is built into the structure to form a ballistic protection layer. Using U-profile metal construction frames and standard building methods, any fixed structure can be protected against gunfire and fragments.

Barracuda Soft Armour Padding™ is made of a soft fabric (mattress) then filled with the ceramic pellets, primarily as a temporary reinforcement to a structure such as, buildings, vessels, containers etc, on the outside.