Eurosatory 2018: Concept Ltd introduces new Dino 4x4 armored personnal carrier

Polish modern military vehicles are being presented for the first time during Defense & Security International Exhibition EUROSATORY, which takes place in Paris (France) between 11th and 15th of June 2018. Dino – a basic military vehicle - and Wirus – vehicle for special operations forces and reconnaissance military units are showcased in Paris by the Polish company Concept from Bielsko-Biała and it’s coexhibitors: Polish Defence Holding and Oberaigner GmbH.

Erosatory 2018 The LTMPAV DINO 319 4x4 armored vehicle is presented in Paris for the first time
Concept Ltd's LTMPAV DINO 319 4x4 armored vehicle is presented in Paris for the first time(Picture source: Army Recognition)

During International Defence Industry Exhibition Kielce 2017, the company presented its proposition of new basic transport vehicle for the Polish land forces. The vehicle was built in cooperation with Oberaigner Automotive GmbH and Mercedes-Benz started in 2016.

The LTMPAV DINO 319 4x4 armored vehicle is presented in Paris for the first time, as it is an international premiere for the vehicle. Total amount of passengers which can be carried in LTMPV 319 is 9 (2+7). There is possibility of dismantling of rear seats without using any tools. Each soldier entering the vehicle can carry all of his personal equipment. Spacious interior do not limit freedom of movement, provides possibility of rapid entering and step out of the vehicle.

LTMPV DINO 319 vehicle is based on chassis of Mercedes-Bens Sprinter 319 with 3250- millimeter wheelbase and permanent 4x4 all-wheel drive made by oberaigner GmbH. It consists of reduction gearbox with central locking differential (33% of torque on front axle, 67% on rear axle). Both axles are equiped with mechanical locking differentials.

The vehicle can be powered by one of the following diesel engines with European emission standards Euro 5 or Euro 6: OM642, 6-cylinder, V-type engine with capacity of 2897 cc, engine power 140 Kw/190 HP and 440 Nm of torque OR OM651, 4-cylinder engine with capacity of 2143 cc, engine power 120 Kw/163 HP and 360 Nm of torque. Both engines can be connected with manual or automatic gearbox: 6-gears manual or 7-gears automatic.

The armored version has different body in comparison with the basic version. It features a 4-doors, double cab with seats for the driver and 4 passengers was designed. It is built as self –supporting superstructure made of ceramic-composite materials with armour protection of Level 1 according to STANAG 4569 Annex A. In the rear part container, load platform or other equipment can be fitted.

DINO vehicles had been tested on special off-road track during „Defence Vehicles Experience 2017” by Mercedes-Benz when MB presented their vehicles from Defence Line. During this tests DINO had been tested in various conditions along with Actross and Zetros trucks and light class G Wagon series vehicles. For 5 days they were forcing difficult terrain with bumps, deep water, steep hills, mud and rain. In this demanding conditions DINO had been found a very reliable vehicle and drivetrain, chassis and suspension had been tested.