Eurosatory 2018: introducing Ouvry DEC POL emergency decontamination wipe

During Eurosatory, Ouvry is introducing a new innovative emergency decontamination wipe. The DEC’POL® Wipe is dedicated to dual uses: defense, first-responders and industries. It is a simple, fast and efficient solution in case of chemical or biological contamination, and avoids cross-contaminations.

Eurosatory 2018 introducing Ouvry DEC POL emergency decontamination wipe
Ouvry is introducing a new innovative emergency decontamination wipe. The DEC’POL® Wipe is dedicated to dual uses: defense, first-responders and industries (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The synergy of an ultra-absorbent material and targeted catalysts in the DEC’POL® Wipe decontaminates by transfer more the 99% of chemical and biological agents. The wipe destroys the absorbed contaminants, reduce cross-contamination and contaminated powder liberation risks, with no over-contamination by spreading.

In 2016, using technological innovations from scientific partnerships, Ouvry launched the DEC’POL® Mitt, a CBRN emergency decontamination device, natural prolongation of individual CBRN protection. This emergency decontamination mitt is based on the combination of absorption effects and targeted chemical and biological degradation by active agents.

The DEC’POL® material is made of an ultra-absorbant material in which catalysts that target chemical and biological toxics are embedded. DEC’POL® can absorb a wide range of contaminants before destroying them. It is not a powdery material and thus avoids cross-contaminations.

DEC’POL® was developed as a part of the RAPID-DGA plan (the Directorate General of Armaments). It is the successful outcome of the collaboration between research team of Ouvry, the Pharmaceutical and Biological Faculty of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, and the CEA of Grenoble (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) provisions.

Many research and studies on the degradation of Chemical Warfare Agents and pathogenic biologicals lead to the development of the DEC’POL® active agent.

The research paper Degradation of Paraoxon (VX Chemical Agent Stimulant) and Bacteria by Magnesium Oxide depends on the Crystalline Structure of Magnesium Oxide was published in 2016.

The DEC’POL® material is used in two products:

- The DEC’POL® Mitt: perfectly appropriate for individual and personal decontamination, DEC’POL® Mitt can be used by first-responders or not CBRN protected people: a special CBRN-agents-proof material protects the hand against contaminants absorbed by the mitt.

- The DEC’POL® Wipe: Developed to be used by CBRN-equipped first-responders and soldiers. More flexible, it is better suit for immediate decontamination of materiel and equipment (PPE, weapons, surfaces with roughness, etc…). The compact packaging let soldiers to have it in their pockets at all times.


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