Eurosatory 2020: Safe City new exhibition zone dedicated to the security of cities

Safe City, a new exhibition zone at Eurosatory 2020 dedicated to the security of cities. Public security is a growing problem for cities all around the world, many companies have invested money to provide police and emergency services with new technologies to fight crime and make cities safer.

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Safe City a new exhibition zone dedicated to the security of cities at Eurosatory 2020 defense exhibition that will take place in Paris, France from 8 to 12 June 2020. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Safe City concept at Eurosatory 2020 will be illustrated by presentations of safety solutions and systems in action in real-life situations organized in a dedicated area adapted to this purpose. This demonstration area will allow seeing, during predefined scenarios, the interoperability that exists between different means of ensuring safety.

Scenario themes will include commercial complexes with access control, crowd movement, enclosure security and terrorism. The products and systems on display will illustrate video protection, communication, detection - identification, theft, anti-intrusion, access security, major events and the intervention of security forces.

For many years, Eurosatory has been the scene of dynamic outdoor demonstrations. In 2020, for the first time, indoor dynamic demonstrations will take place. French and foreign exhibiting companies in the area will include MC2 Tehnologies, Hikvision, Aeracess, Visiom, Behm, Two-I, Domo Tactical, etc.

An area will be dedicated to specific conferences related to the topic of the Safe City for security directors of private companies or public sites, people from the Ministry of the Interior, local authorities, etc., all of whom are faced with the challenges of safety/security.

According to the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) website, governments, no matter how large or small, are usually expected to take primary responsibility for protecting citizens in the face of acute threats to their security, and cities provide a particular set of vulnerabilities that are difficult to address. One of the most important trends seen all around the world is the movement of people into cities, which are expanding both their size and their importance. There will be more, and bigger, cities in the future.

Today, city security is an important issue, and its importance is only going to grow as the urbanization trend continues. The role of the city in addressing the threat of homegrown terrorism is currently one central concern. However, we need to develop a better understanding of what city security is and how it can be promoted.

Smart city is also a new concept using network or connected devices offering new tools to police and security units to improve public services such as crime-fighting, and to keep an eye on what is going on generally.