Eurosatory 2022: World's leading land and airland defense and security exhibition will be held in June

Due to the situation in Ukraine and the rising political tensions with Russia, several countries have taken the decision to increase their defense budgets and acquire new military equipment that counters threats of a conventional conflict with tanks, armored vehicles, and troops on the ground. In June this year will take place Eurosatory, the largest defense exhibition in the world. an opportunity for the global world of the defense industry to present the latest innovations and launches new military products.
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Eurosatory will give an exclusive opportunity for the global defense industry to present the latest innovations of defense products. (Picture source Eurosatory)

The Ukrainian crisis, which reflects the shift from asymmetric fighting to high-intensity interstate conflict, is leading EU member states to decide to invest more in their defense and security capabilities. Several countries have already significantly increased their budgets.

Besides Europe, many countries are reflecting on this paradigm shift, which requires a rethinking of the models and capabilities of their armed and security forces in order to adjust to new threats.

EUROSATORY 2022, the world's leading land and airland defense and security exhibition, will be held from 13 to 17 June in Paris - France. It can directly and practically contribute to these reflections and perspectives through the very wide range of solutions presented, covering the entire spectrum of capabilities, from proven equipment to the latest technological innovations.

EUROSATORY will also be a privileged place for exchange, notably through the numerous conferences hosted and a large number of official delegations and experts attending.

Now, three months away from the event, in a context of regression of the COVID 19 pandemic and lowering of sanitary restrictions in France, EUROSATORY continues to expand with already more than 1,200 exhibitors from sixty countries registered, large groups, SMEs, and start-ups.

EUROSATORY is shaping the future of land and airland defense and security.