GCS Global Clearance Solutions launches new mine clearing systems at Eurosatory 2022

Global Clearance Solutions (GCS) will launch its new “Specialist Engineering Solutions” (SES). The philosophy behind SES is based on modularity and adaptability to provide operational and tactical advantages by upgrading protected vehicles.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security newsIntegration to the host vehicle is made via the GCS Quick Coupler Adapter (QCA) which is suitable for both wheeled and tracked vehicle categories (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Integration to the host vehicle is made via the GCS Quick Coupler Adapter (QCA) which is suitable for both wheeled and tracked vehicle categories. The QCA is suitable for different attachments, easily adaptable to the host vehicles and scalable according to the required vehicle weight categories. In this way, the host vehicle can be quickly adapted to undertake minefield breaching, scatterable mine clearance, surface laid mine clearance, Counter-IED, anchoring and earth-moving activities to enhance operational flexibility.

GCS will be the key supplier to General Dynamics European Land Systems–Mowag (GDELS–Mowag) for the standardized interface Quick Coupler Adapter (QCA) for all front-mounted attachments, Dozer Blade and Dozer Blade Manipulator (DBM). Several rounds of intensive testing were undertaken with GCS, GDELS–Mowag and the Swiss Armed Forces to bring the solution to a level that is perfectly suited to face current and future threats and challenges. Delivery is planned from 2023 to 2026.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security newsGCS-200 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Another product showcased by the company is the GCS-200, a remote-controlled, multi-purpose platform built for military, humanitarian and commercial tasks. Equipped with highly durable components the GCS-200 is capable of withstanding harsh climate conditions and notably, Anti-Tank (AT) mines containing up to 15 kg of explosives. This robust machine improves the speed of mine clearance in large areas while helping to save lives and spare communities from explosive threats. Due to its compact dimensions, the GCS-200 can be easily transported on a commercial truck equipped with a hook-lift system.

GCS is also revealing its new manipulator, the M-200 and BGT-200 bucket gripper tool, both of which have been designed and fully upgraded in accordance with the German Army’s required specifications. This comes after a series of discussions and a pending contract that could lead to GCS supplying Germany’s military with these assets. The team of engineers had to ensure that its route clearance equipment was able to stand out amongst the competition. Test Engineer Dominic Graser explains how updates have resulted in new features such as the M-200 achieving a far-wider horizontal and vertical reach, an improved working kinematic due to an additional hinge and the muscle to lift items by an extra 1’000 kg. Graser adds that the BGT-200 digging and gripping tool now comes with more flexibility and efficiency for heavy-duty operations.

As the Russia-Ukraine war remains ongoing, discussions at this year’s event will likely focus on finding solutions for the safe clearance of a range of explosive threats. This is a fundamental step to rebuilding communities damaged by conflict while offering people the freedom needed to return to their homes.