Sera Ingenierie showcases its new UGV Phobos armed with Thales rocket launcher

SERA Ingénierie, a subsidiary of SOGECLAIR group, specializing in the design and manufacture of special vehicles for civil and military applications, announces the release of PHOBOS, its new Unmanned Ground Vehicle.
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The Phobos Unmanned Ground Vehicle at Eurosatory, France. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

PHOBOS, like a satellite of Mars, God of War, is a remotely operated modular robotic carrier of less than two tons net weight, and with a one-ton payload. It has been designed to accommodate various tools and sensors: surveillance, acquisition, reconnaissance, intelligence, armament, etc.

The two guiding principles of this design are mobility and autonomy. Mobility is reflected in the 4-wheel drive with reinforced suspensions that allow it to easily follow the tracks of armored vehicles in service on the all-terrain.

Autonomy is ensured by a diesel engine and a large tank that supply electrical and hydraulic energy to all embedded equipment. The Phobos can be armed with a rocket launcher made by Thales.

SERA Ingénierie is exhibiting PHOBOS and SOUVIM-XP during the Eurosatory exhibition from June 13 to 17, 2022 at Paris Villepinte Exhibition Center.