Israel Defense Directory SIBAT is present at Expodefensa 2015 40212153

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SIBAT at ExpoDefensa 2015
Israel Defense Directory SIBAT is presents at Expodefensa 2015 40212153
SIBAT establishes contact with the Israeli defens manufacturers engaged in the specialization of a common interest. SIBAT is occupying a key position in Israel's defense sector within the IMOD. SIBAT is responsible for several missions such as expanding the international defnse cooperation.
Israel Defense Directory SIBAT is present at Expodefensa 2015 640 001SIBAT at Expodefensa 2015

The SIBAT is formulating Israel's defense export policy, coordinating all export-related activities, and promoting Israel's defense technologies abroad. It manages also the marketing and sales of defense inventory.

The directory is also the guardian of all updated information regarding the wide variety of technologies and solutions being developped by Israeli defense companies. SIBAT continuously enhances and expands its understanding of defense concepts and the relationship between the IDF's field experience and the development of industry solutions.

Among the activities designed to facilitate international cooperative initiatives, SIBAT generates and supports Governement-to-Governement agreements, initiates and coordinates visits to Israel by foreign delegations and representatives from around the world as well as visits of Israeli defense delegations abroad.

International cooperation is divided into three regional divisions: Europe & North America; Asia, Africa & the Pacific; Latin America.

SIBAT attached great importance to the support of small and medium-sized defense entreprises by allocating significant management resources.

SIBAT manages the marketing and sales of Israel's entire defense Inventory, which is released by the IDF and the IMOD. Inventory sales, handled by SIBAT, includes main platforms, weapon systems, and vehicles. All sales are carried out either through tenders or by negociation.