The GAULA Group is an anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion section presented at Expodefensa 40212152

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The GAULA Group is an anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion section presented at Expodefensa
GAULA is an acronym for "Grupos de Acción Unificada por la Libertad Personal". The military elite unit was established in 1996 for the Law 282 and exclusively devoted to the combating of kidnapping and extortion in Colombia. The unit is composed of highly qualified personnel who conducts hostage rescues and dismantling of criminal gangs at the root of crimes which compromise the personal freedom of Colombians.
The Gaula Group is an anti kidnapping and anti extortion section presented at Expodefensa 640 001GAULA anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion military unit at Expodefensa 2015

The dramatic reduction in the number of kidnappings occurred since authorities established an anti-kidnapping unit in 1990. The unit was initially known as the UNASE (Anti Extortion and Kidnapping Units).

President César Gaviria Trujillo ordered the creation of the UNASE when kidnappings in Colombia surged from 789 in 1989 to 1,274 in 1990. There were 1,038 kidnappings reported during the first year UNASE was in operation. In 1996, the UNASE evolved into GAULA. The group currently counts 1033 Colombia Police members and 386 foreign Police members.

Training of Military GAULA officers is provided for urban and rural combat, crisis management, weapons training, specialized instruction for snipers and breachers, raids, detention, enclosure combat, intelligence, skills and abilities of the GAULA specialty. GAULA officers have become adept at rescuing hostages. Cooperation with the United States, a partner nation in the fight against organized crime, has helped GAULA’s efforts. GAULA members have rescued dozens of kidnapping victims in recent years.

Likewise, there is an institutionality in GAULA that guarantees itself overseen of procedures, since it is made up of personnel from DAS, CTI, District Attorneys Office and the Armed Forces. At this time Colombia has 16 Gaula groups from the Army and two from the Navy.

The group is managing activities that allow to advance deployment to offer Kidnapping prevention and extortion, in regional areas departmental and municipal impacting In different way specific population segments that are vulnerable to kidnapping and extortion. There is a free complaint line available.

Gaula is working with different partners in a joint communication network with institutions and companies or natural people for the purpose of linking citizens as fundamental support to compliance for police work based in recollection and exchanges of reliable and timely information through mass media, chat WhatsApp and information technologies and communication - TIC promoting a culture of social responsibility to kidnapping and extortion prevention.