India produced 290 under licensed T-90S main battle tanks in 2015 32602162

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India produced 290 under licensed T-90S main battle tanks in 2015
As of late 2015, India produced about 290 T-90S main battle tanks (MBT) under license provided by Russia, according to the Stockolm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) arms transfer database.
In 2006, Russia signed the contract with India for local licensed serial production of about 1000 T-90S MBTs for Indian Armed Forces. The production of the tanks started in 2009. As of 2015, India manufactured about 290 MBTs, according to SIPRI.

India is also running a licensed production of Russian 125mm 9M119M Invar anti-tank-guided mssiles (ATGM) in accordance with the contract signed in 2013. The contract was valued at USD474 million. In total, about 25,000 ATGM are planned to be supplied (including 15,000 missiles supposed to be produced in India and 10,000 Invars delivered by Russia). SIPRI has not provided the actual data on Indian Invar production output.

The institute also confirms (as of late 2015) the India`s intention to establish licensed production of 149 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles. The proposed deal is valued at USD141 million. Nevertheless, the appropriate contract has yet to be signed.

The Russian arms delivieries to India in 2014-2015 are valued at USD3.834 billion, according to SIPRI.
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