Russian servicemen to receive 4000 Artic uniforms by 2016 31802163

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 Russian servicemen to receive 4000 Artic uniforms by 2016
Russian servicemen will receive 4,000 Arctic uniforms in 2016, Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov said on Thursday on the occasion of the 316th anniversary of the Armed Forces’ Clothing and Equipment Supply Service. According to him, more than 2,100 military outfits of this type were delivered to Arctic islands in 2015.
Russian servicemen to receive 4000 Artic uniforms by 2016 640 001Russian Arctic infantry rifle units during a military drill (ITAR-TASS/ Igor Ageyenko)
"Russian- and Belarusian-made materials are used to manufacture military outfits of this type," Bulgakov said.

As the deputy defense minister said, the Arctic military outfit comprises 13 items. It incorporates special design solutions and light materials that protect servicemen from water and wind and keep them warm. Such materials can be washed easily and dry fast.

According to Bulgakov, the outfits of this type camouflage servicemen, ensure "high mobility and freedom of movement" in cold weather and make it comfortable to "carry weapons, equipment and armor protection elements". It can be "put on and taken off quickly in emergency situations", he added.

Russia has recently been strengthening its force grouping permanently based in the Arctic and the Russian Defense Ministry is focusing on developing military infrastructure in the area.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in late 2015 that four military bases had been fully constructed in the Arctic and promised to strengthen armed forces in this direction in 2016.
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