Russian military in Abkhazia train live fire

The Russian military base in Abkhazia completed a week of combat training which engaged servicemen of various types of units, the Southern Military District said. "The servicemen trained live fire for a hundred hours at three ranges in Gudauta, Tsabal and Nagvalou from the latest BTR-82A APC and T-72B3 tanks, portable antitank grenade launchers RPG-7 and 120mm mortars," it said.

Russian military in Abkhazia train live fire
BTR-82A (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The fire was held day and night at air and grounds targets of the conditional adversary - helicopters, infantry, tanks and speed vehicles. Moving small targets were provided by modern radio-controlled field equipment of the range (PSO-R).

The servicemen also took exams in driving automobiles and armor and overcoming various obstacles - water and dirt ditches, tree and stone road-blocks, swampy soil and ravines.
Each serviceman received his performance mark and the general readiness of units was analyzed.

Over two thousand servicemen were engaged, as well as up to three thousand pieces of arms and hardware, including self-propelled Acacia artillery guns.