Russian army operates over 20,000 BTR-80, BTR-82 APCs

The Russian armed forces are operating more than 20,000 BTR-80/82-family armored personnel carriers, Director General of the Military Industrial Company (VPK) Alexander Krasovitskiy told the Expert magazine on January 27.

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BTR-82 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"I think that the BTR-80/82 APCs will remain operational in service with the Land Forces [SV] for no less than 10-15 years. These carriers are very reliable. The army has more than 20,000 such vehicles in its inventory. They require not only repair but modernization also," said Krasovitskiy, adding that the VPK’s revenue for 2020 had reached approximately RUB20 billion (USD313.3 million). "We are planning to enhance this result by 10-15% per year," the CEO said.

According to Krasovitskiy, the trials of the K-17 Bumerang (Boomerang) advanced wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) are underway. "By this June, we shall have reconfigured two [Bumerang] IFVs and built two more platforms from scratch. These vehicles will pass through trials that are supposed to be lasting for no more than 1.5-2 years," said Krasovitskiy.

Once the required works on the Bumerang have been finished, the company will be able to introduce the land system to the international market. "If everything runs good, we will be able to export 100-150 [Bumerang] vehicles in the first year [after getting the required license]. This figure will be doubled in a year and tripled in two years <…> Several specifications of Bumerang exceed those of the Finnish Patria or the Anglo-German Boxer," said Krasovitskiy. "We are planning to get the required certificate for the K-16 [Bumerang] as soon as possible. It will allow us to receive an export license for the vehicle and begin marketing it to our closest members of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation [CSTO]," noted Krasovitskiy.

More than 10 Bumerangs were involved in the trial program, CEO added. "The vehicle has exceeded some requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Defence," said Krasovitskiy. According to him, VPK has developed a new armored vehicle, using its own funds. "The VPK-Ural armored platform is our new vehicle, which is protected in accordance with Level 5. Its protection could be upgraded to Level 6. The vehicle features a V-shaped hull with two-level floor absorbing blast waves. Our efforts have resulted in a reliable and non-expensive vehicle with a payload capacity of up to 2.5 tons. We have already sold several such platforms," said Krasovitskiy.

VPK is also developing new subsystems for its armored vehicles: "We are planning to design a new combat station and a combat-management system," said Krasovitskiy.

The company upgrades its Tigr 4x4 armored utility vehicles. "We have introduced more than 700 changes to this vehicle. Owing to its high ground clearance that reaches 400 mm, the vehicle has an outstanding cross country capability," said Krasovitskiy.

VPK’s new Atlet (Athlete) 4x4 armored utility vehicle can withstand an explosion of 2 kg of TNT under its belly, said CEO. "The Atlet’s can carry a 2.5-ton payload; it also provides protection against armor-piercing bullets of sniper rifles," said Krasovitskiy.

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