FEINDEF 2021: GDELS-SBS presents a concept of cooperation between manned and robotic platforms

GDELS (General Dynamics European Land Systems) - SBS (Santa Bárbara Sistemas) presents at FEINDEF 2021, defense exhibition in Spain, a concept of cooperation between manned and robotic platforms. The GDELS-SBS concept is based on a platform designed as a mobile command post (mother vehicle) which is complemented by one or more platforms with autonomous capabilities and which is also remotely operated in critical actions.

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GDELS displays its MUTT UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle in 6x6 configuration armed with an Escribano Guardian 2.0 Remote Weapon Station. (Picture source Army Recognition)

In this case, the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) from GDELS-Santa Barbara Sistemas, known as MUTT (Multi-Utility Tactical Transport), has been integrated into the mother vehicle. It is a compact and highly mobile system that operates with electric propulsion that serves a configurable tracked or wheeled track (4x4, 6x6, or 8x8).

The MUTT robotic systems can perform different functions such as advanced observation, positioning, targeting, and even protection and fire, increasing the combat capability of the main vehicles. Additionally, it can also fulfill logistic missions, transport of combatant's equipment, and evacuation of wounded.

In October 2019, the U.S. Army selected General Dynamics Land Systems MUTT, for its Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport unmanned ground system program of record.

At FEINDEF 2021, the GDELS MUTT was displayed in a 6x6 configuration armed with a remotely operated weapon station Guardian 2.0 designed and manufactured by the Spanish company EM&E (Escribanon Mechanical & Engineering). The 6×6 tracked/wheeled configuration measures 236 cm long and can carry a payload of 410 kg. The 6×6 tracked variant has a width of 152 cm and a gross vehicle weight of 1,043 kg. The wheeled version is 178 cm wide, while its gross vehicle weight is 1,225 kg.

The Guardian 2.0 is a Remote Control Weapons Station (RWS) that can be armed with one 12.7 mm heavy machine gun but can be also adapted to carry a 5.56 mm or one 7.62 mm machine gun. The RWS is 2 axes gyro-stabilized and it operates day and night for combat, surveillance, target identification, and tracking missions. Specially designed to be integrated into a wide range of platforms and vehicles, this system provides defense capabilities for short and medium ranges with high firing accuracy being a reliable solution against asymmetric threats.