The President is the supreme Commander of national defense. The Republican Guard is placed directly under the President as regards its employment, but as the other services it depends on the Ministry of Defense as regards administration. The Gendarmerie is also placed under the authority of the President. The total active manpower of the Gabonese Army is around 4,300 personnel. There is also a para-military forces with 1,500 police officer (Gendarmerie), 3,000 coast guards, and 2,900 Republican Guards. There is no conscription, all-volunteer forces.
The Land Forces of the Gabonese Army is around 3,100 soldiers with the structure:
- 8 military regions, forces are subdivided into Combat, Intervention, Support and Sustaining forces.
- 1 President guard
- 8 infantry companies
- 1 paratroops/commando company
- 1 engineer company

Military equipment and vehicles Gabonese Army of Gabon.