Responsibility for the defence of the country lies with the Government, which determines the national defence policy and exercises command of the armed forces. The main decision making body on issues of national defence is the Government Council on foreign affairs and National defence. The total active manpower is around 142,000 soldiers. The conscription is 12 months, and a mixed professional and conscripts is being maintained.
The Hellenic Army Land Forces is around 93,500 soldiers and an reserve force of 198,000 soldiers, with the structure :
- 1 Army HQs
- 4 Army Corps
Field unts:
- 1 armoured division HQs
- 3 mechanised infantry division HQs
- 3 infantry division HQs
- 2 service support divisions
- 4 armoured brigades
- 7 mechanised infantry brigades
- 5 infantry brigades
- 1 airborne brigade
- 3 Special Operatrions Forces brigades
- 1 army aviation brigade
- 4 service support brigades
- 1 Army Corp Logistics HQs

Military equipment and vehicle Hellenic Army of Greece.