At High Tech Port 2016, ASPILSAN Energy showcases its batteries and energy storages systems 71011161

High Tech Port 2016
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9 - 12 November 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
  ASPILSAN Energy at High Tech Port
At High Tech Port 2016, ASPILSAN Energy showcases its batteries and energy storages systems
The Turkish company ASPILSAN Energy is showcasing its own products at High Tech Port, 2016. ASPILSAN Energy manufactures more than 300 products on four different segments: radios, communication & electronic devices; weapon systems batteries; aircraft batteries; and energy storage systems.
At High Tech Port 2016 APSILAN Energy showcases  ts batteries and energy storages systems
ASPILSAN Energy at High Tech Port 2016
ASPILSAN Energy Battery Packs

Due to the innovation necessities and high-quality purposes, ASPILSAN ENERGY has been using fast-charging type of batteries for the production of complete battery packs which are used in hand-held radios. Along with laboratory examinations and testing experiences, long-life batteries are proudly being produced.

Nickel-Cadmium(Ni-CD) Nickel-Metal hydride (NI-MH), Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) / Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) type of battery packs for various purposes. The batteries used in these specific battery packs successfully meet and satisfy the requirements of International IEC and other related military battery standards. In case needed a new battery pack can be designed and manufactured by ASPILSAN ENERGY.

ASPILSAN Energy can offer several types of pre-assembled batteries. It is also possible to produce every type of battery pack that required by customer for special applications.

ASPILSAN Energy Aircraft Batteries

All large and medium sized airlines, small sporting aircrafts and helicopters need a reliable storage battery to ensure the safety of flying operations. In the event of the air bone supply system failing, the battery must be capable of providing adequate power for the radio, navigation, control and monitoring systems. What is more, the battery must supply the energy required to start the aircraft engines. ASPILSAN ENERGY Ni-Cd aircraft batteries well above requirements of all related standards and military specifications.

ASPILSAN Energy EDS (Energy Storage Systems)

Nowadays, almost all modern energy systems require the capability of storing of energy. Main reasons of storing energy would be to provide reliability to users, system stability, efficiency enhancement and the cost-effectiveness requirement when it comes to the energy transmission and distribution.

If any country’s energy need is mainly consumed from thermal power plants and besides this country also has renewable energy sources and willing to use them in an efficient manner, then and hence; this country needs special power plants which have the capability of going on and off very effectively. This need, either must be satisfied by fossil fuel power plants that must be ready to operate 24/7 as a hot substitute which could initiate in a few minutes (that is also expensive) or must come from the random hydroelectric power plants that can power on and off right away, as well as the usage of energy storage units.


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