TAI showcases its T129 ATAK helicopter at IDEAS 2016 72211161

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IDEAS 2016
9th International Defence Exhibition & Seminar

22 to 25 November 2016
Karachi, Pakistan
TAI at IDEAS 2016
TAI showcases its T129 ATAK helicopter at IDEAS 2016
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) presents its T129 ATAK Advanced Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter, at IDEAS 2016 in Karachi. The T129 ATAK is a new generation, tandem seat, twin engine helicopter, specifically designed for attack and reconnaissance missions and has been optimized for “hot and high” requirements of the Turkish Land Forces.
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TAI's T129 ATAK at IDEAS 2016
(Credit: Army Recognition)
Having been derived from the combat proven A129CBT, this new state of the art design accommodates new generation engines (LHTEC CTS 800-4A), avionics, electro-optics and weapon systems, a modified airframe and uprated drive train and tail rotor. In addition, it provides key characteristics including long range and 3 hours endurance; all environment capability especially the hotest and the highest; effective, precise weapon systems that provide combat superiority; low visual, aural, radar and IR signatures; a high level of crashworthiness and reduced preparation time augmented by off-board Mission Planning System and reduced take-off time and low operating cost through effective design and on-condition maintenance.

T129 ATAK, with the best “power to weight ratio” in its class, has unique survivability features and asymmetric weapon delivery capability, which provides highly mobile and lethal attack capability against personnel, ground and air targets. The weapon capability includes a 20mm turreted gun with a capacity of 500 rounds, 70mm classic rockets, CIRIT® 70mm laser guided air-to-ground missiles, UMTAS® guided anti-tank missiles and STINGER® air-to-air missiles. With the assistance of identical capability function for both pilots, targeting system enables crew members to use all weapons effectively according to mission requirements.

T129 ATAK is being actively used in the operational field. As of today, 16 of the planned 59 units (+32 optional) of T129 ATAK Helicopters have been delivered to Turkish Land Forces within the scope of the Turkish ATAK Program and choppers are currently providing the required firepower and helicopter support.

As an outcome of the endorsement provided by the Turkish Armed Forces, the already strong international interest in T129 ATAK as a superior alternative is expected to intensify.




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