This year at IDEF Otokar is exhibiting its ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle 06051509

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IDEF 2015
International Defence Industry Fair

05 - 08 May 2015
Istanbul , Turkey
Otokar at IDEF 2015
This year at IDEF Otokar is exhibiting its ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle
This year Otokar is exhibiting its ARMA 8x8 Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) Reconnaissance Vehicle for the first time at IDEF. Otokar built its first CBRN reconnaissance vehicle on the COBRA in Turkey in 2008 and offered it to the use of the Slovenian army, and went on to add ARMA 6x6 reconnaissance vehicle to its product range in 2011. This year the company takes its experience in CBRN sub-systems and vehicle integration to ARMA 8x8.
This year at IDEF Otokar is exhibiting its ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle 640 001ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle exhibited at IDEF 2015 is fitted with KESKIN turret system

Considering its protection levels, mission-oriented equipment and space offered to the crew, and thanks to having one of the highest payloads in its class, ARMA 8x8 stands out as an ideal CBRN reconnaissance vehicle. ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle has the infrastructure to carry out various missions such as surveillance of an area for CBRN attacks and risks, gathering intelligence on a specific area or route, and conducting detailed analysis pertaining to contaminated and potentially dangerous zones. As part of its reconnaissance missions, the vehicle allows the crew to carry out a number of functions including detection and analysis of chemical contamination in the air and the ground, detection and analysis of biological contamination, detection and issuance of warnings for nuclear and radiological contamination, and meteorological measurements without being affected by CBRN threats.

Moreover, ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle enables the creation of CBRN Situational Awareness at the command level by allowing decision support functions like tracking the positions of vehicles and friendly units, collecting contaminated air, soil and water samples for detailed analysis, real time monitoring of detectors and alarm status, digital mapping of CBRN threats and contaminated zones, preparing NATO-compatible CBRN reports to be shared via the communication network, forecasting dangerous zones, and distribution modelling.

ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle can carry a crew of 6 including the driver, and in addition to the high level of protection it offers, it also has a remote controlled weapon system that can withstand possible threats. ARMA 8x8 Reconnaissance Vehicle exhibited at IDEF 2015 is fitted with KESKIN turret system.

KESKIN RCWS is a combat proven, lightweight and modular weapon system designed and produced for tracked and wheeled vehicles. KESKIN RCWS is suitable for 7.62 mm GMPG, 12.7 mm HMG or 40 mm AGL and has an optical suite composed of thermal sight, day sight providing 360º situational awareness and laser range finder.

Otokar is exhibiting 4 more versions from the ARMA series at IDEF 2015. ARMA family is an ideal platform for multiple purposes, serving on a vast mission field with its modular structure and capabilities, and meeting the modern armed forces’ requirements for survivability, protection levels and mobility with a low silhouette suitable for the present day’s combat conditions. ARMA stands out in particular with its high combat payload and spacious interiors, and the ability to be equipped with various weapon systems ranging from 7.62 mm to 105 mm. Thanks to the specially designed amphibious system, ARMA can enter the water without the need for any preparation, and reach 8 km per hour in the water.

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