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IDEF 2017
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9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
FNSS at IDEF 2017
FNSS' Kaplan 20 Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle at IDEF 2017
With the KAPLAN-20 Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle (NGAFV), FNSS carries its ACV class vehicles – which are already serving commendably in the inventories of the Turkish, United Arab Emirates and Malaysian Armed Forces – to the 21st century.

FNSS' KAPLAN-20 Armoured Fighting Vehicle at IDEF 2017
The KAPLAN-20 vehicle has an average power-to-weight ratio of 23 HP/ton depending on its combat weight, an automatic transmission and the ability to operate jointly with main battle tanks. Moreover, through the integration of different subsystems, the vehicle can execute a wide range of missions.

The hull of the KAPLAN-20 NGAFV, one of the few vehicles of its class with amphibious capabilities, is manufactured from ballistic materials and assembled using a ballistic welding technique. The power pack cabin and the expanded driver area are located at the front of the vehicle, while the gunner and the commander areas are located in the middle. The personnel carrier configuration can carry eight troops at the rear, while the configuration with the armed turret can carry six personnel.

K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, notes that FNSS continues to be assertive in the ACV class vehicles with the KAPLAN-20: “In recent years, the weight of armoured combat vehicles has increased considerably, especially due to the need for higher survivability. The KAPLAN-20 offers an effective solution in the market, in a different and lower weight class. The fact that our vehicle is amphibious also provides considerable flexibility to the armed forces that might potentially use it. With the KAPLAN-20, FNSS aims to continue the success it had with the ACV.

FNSS' KAPLAN-20 Armoured Fighting Vehicle at IDEF 2017


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