FNSS PARS III Family makes strong appearance at IDEF 2017 21005175

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IDEF 2017
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9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
FNSS at IDEF 2017
FNSS PARS III Family makes strong appearance at IDEF 2017 
The PARS tactical wheeled armoured vehicle family of FNSS make an appearance at IDEF 2017 with its third generation members. The PARS III 8x8 and PARS III 6x6 are showcased to visitors for the first time in the IDEF 2017 exhibition.
Both vehicles boast the highest wheel navigation and lowest turn radius of their classes. The two-seat driver’s cabin at the front of the vehicles offers a 180° horizontal field of vision and a high level of driving safety and comfort. Thanks to their armour systems with modular designs, the hulls of the vehicles can be brought up to the specific level of protection required by the user. The hull shape, underbelly structure, base plates and specially developed mine-resistant seats are all designed to protect personnel against high-level mine threats and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The PARS III 8x8 and PARS III 6x6 offer the protection level of mine-resistant vehicles produced for personnel transport, while also possessing the capabilities expected of a modern armoured combat vehicle.

The modular connection of the vehicle subsystems to the mine-resistant hull ensures easy maintenance and replacement. The easy maintenance and easy replacement of moving parts and the power transmission systems, in particular, make these vehicles superior to their counterparts. The power pack architecture, which allows disassembly and reassembly in less than 60 minutes, allows the user to replace the engine in the field as an additional benefit.

K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, says that the development of the PARS product family is a reflection of FNSS' innovative side: “In a rather crowded market with many products, the PARS product family successfully stands out with its innovative features. The vehicle is used both in Asia and the Middle East, which demonstrates its ability to adapt to different environmental conditions and technical requirements. With the PARS III, FNSS clearly demonstrates that it will continue to develop this vehicle family, and that it will continue to provide users with the most up-to-date solutions at all times."