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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Practika at IDEF 2017
IDEF 2017: Practika spotlighting Otaman upgrade pack for BTR-60 armored fighting vehicle
Practika, a leading industrial manufacturer of armored vehicles, came at this 13th edition of IDEF International Defence Industry Fair, to promote an upgrade pack of the Soviet-era BTR-60 8x8 armored fighting vehicle dubbed Otaman.

Practika's Otaman 8x8 armoured fighting vehicle
(Credit: Practika)
The new body of the Otaman is made of modern armor steel that substantially exceeds in protective properties the old armor steel used for manufacturing the original vehicle body. Such steel has a very high hardness (Brinell hardness – HB 600) in combination with high ducility and tensile strength (tensile strength – 1,600 N/mm2). Otaman’s ballistic protection level reaches STANAG 4569 level 2+. Due to military philosophy of times when it was designed, original BTR-60 has no protection against mines and IEDs. Practika’s upgrade package includes a number of measures to counter IED blast, such as multi-layer bottom that absorbs blast energy, enforced floor that prevents a penetration of fragments and special blast attenuation seats mounted to the side walls.

Arrangement of the compartments has been totally changed. In contrast with the original BTR-60 (engine in the back of vehicle, troops in the middle), in the new body the engine compartment is located at the front-and-right and the troop compartment is in the back of the vehicle.

The Otaman also features a new powerpack that totally differs from the original one. Instead two gasoline engines in the back with mechanical transmission is installed a new Iveco diesel engine connected with axel differentials through the specially designed hydrostatic transmission.

Original BTR vehicle equipment has been replaced by modern devices helping the crew to fistful tactical tasks much more effectively than old ones make. Beside this is installed some totally new equipment, such as a digital GPS navigation device, inertial navigation modules, night driving system, thermal day/night for 360° observation, etc.

The Otoman 8x8 vehicle can optionally be equipped with either with remotely operated weapon station or with automatic cannon station. Weapon station is armed with light or medium calibre machine gun and equipped with observation module (day/night camera and laser range finder) and a stabilization system. Cannon station can be armed with 90 or 105 mm gun.

Otaman upgrade suite involves an improved new level of comfort for the crew. The crew compartment features dual-zone heater, modern air conditioning system and CBRN filtration system.

The Otaman 8x8 armoured vehicle family includes armored personnel carrier, infrantry fighting vehicle, artillery, mortar carrier, command post and recovery variants.



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