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IDEF 2017
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9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Roketsan at IDEF 2017
IDEF 2017: Roketsan introduces new generation of advanced fuze systems

In order to attain the facility, the capability and the technological infrastructure aimed at the area of fuze design, production, test and qualification, ROKETSAN commencing with taking TAPASAN over in the year of 2012, the company announced at IDEF 2017. ROKETSAN continues to making investments on the high-tech equipment and to building of a new fuze facility which will provide a modern infrastructure, which has finished in the year of 2017.

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Roketsan range of artillery fuzes showcased at IDEF 2017
Thus, by improving the design, development, production and test infrastructure for ammunition, rocket and missile fuzes required for all land, naval and air defense systems comprising mechanical, electromechanical and electronic technologies, Roketsan has come very close to achieve the goal of being a Center of Excellence for Fuzes incorporating the design, production and testing infrastructure of high-tech fuzes intended for all domestic/overseas needs, and continues her commitment towards achieving it.

ROKETSAN has already completed design, development and qualification phases and started the serial production phase of the 20 mm artillery ammunition fuzes, the fuzes of 107 mm, 122 mm and 300 mm Rocket Systems, the fuzes of ASW Rocket, CIRIT Missile, 300 mm missile and medium and long range anti-missile systems and significant amounts of deliveries has already been completed.

Using the acquired knowledge and infrastructure for Rocket/Missile Systems’ fuzes,it is aimed to meet classical ammunition fuze requirements with the solutions achieved by new and modern technologies, and to obtain a portfolio of cost-effective and competitive products.

In this context, a certain maturity level at the knowledge and technological readiness about the multi-purpose fuzes for different-caliber land and naval artillery ammunition has been reached. Additionally, ROKETSAN has focused on the "3rd Generation Smart Fuze Development" process as well, and has carried her studies on the solutions resulting in an increase in the accuracy of ammunition on the target by only replacing the fuze, and using the existing artillery system and ammunition as they are.

Moreover, ROKETSAN has already achieved the development of inductive setting technologyfor ammunitionfuzes and has been carrying the developmentstudies of the multi-setting technology used in rocket/missile systems on.

ROKETSAN has being Center of Excellence for fuzes incorporating high technology, high accuracy and production flexibility for different calibers, develops multi-option, high-capability and smart, new generation, fuze systems and offer those to the usage of defense industry.



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