IDEF 2019: Asisguard showcases Salgur striking micro drone

The Turkish Company Asisguard is present at IDEF 2019, the International Defense industry exhibition (Instanbul) to present the Salgur, its striking micro drone system.

ISDEF 2019 Asisguard showcases Salgur micro drone
Salgur (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Salgur striking micro drone is a Turkish software and hardware solution that allows simultaneous operation of single or multiple micro drones. It is developed to carry out functions of reconnaissance, surveillance and listening.

It can neutralize the foe targets by using a suitable payload. In generally it helps the security forces infiltrate the threat area during critical, secret/ special operations.

- Carries out single or multiple missions (simultaneously coordinated with 6 drones) in outdoor or indoor areas,

- Completes its defined mission even if it loses contact with the command center,

- Different missions can be defined for each drone during simultaneous multiple drone missions,

- Each drone can be operated as a repeater to increase its mission range for the drone at the farthermost point.


25 minutes flight
Wireless Charging
2 KM Telemetry and Image Transfer
Distance sensor
GPS Module
Thermal camera
IP67 standard

Capability of flying multiple drones at the same time (up to 6 drones)
Inter-drone communication and coordination
Face recognition
Voice recognition
Object recognition
Detonation mechanism
Root identification via machine vision
Searching and finding the objects, persons and vehicles
Vehicle tracking
Person tracking
Audio surveillance