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Turkish company FNSS continues to develop Shadow Rider Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) concept, which was exhibited in 2019 at IDEF, defense exhibition in Turkey. The newest member of the Shadow Rider family is displayed for the first time with an unmanned remote turret armed with a 25mm cannon and its autonomous capabilities at the edition 2021 of IDEF.

Having to date delivered various configurations of Ejder Yalçin to users around the world, Nurol Makina is showcasing an ambulance version of the vehicle for the first time at IDEF’21. The Ejder Yalçin Medevac has been designed with today’s battlefield conditions in mind, and the various functions and capabilities that have been developed in accordance with military ambulance standards are waiting to meet the demands of new and existing users as part of their inventories.

Turkish company Dasal is present at IDEF 2021, which is held in Istanbbul from August 17 to August 20, to display different UAV solutions, sometimes impressive both in size and capacity. With its modular payload design and 70kg payload capacity, the Albatros cargo UAV is one of them. 

South African company Truvelo has recently added the 20x110mm anti-material sniper rifle to its range of small arms. This company is one of the few weapon manufacturers in the world to design and produce a sniper rifle in the 20mm caliber.

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