BlackBox Biometrics presents its Wireless Blast Gauge System at IDEX 2017 219021711

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19 - 23 February 2017
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BlackBox Biometrics at IDEX 2017
BlackBox Biometrics presents its Wireless Blast Gauge System at IDEX 2017
At IDEX 2017, BlackBox Biometrics showcases the Wireless Blast Gauge System. It's the world’s only system that directly addresses the growing concern over repetitive blast overpressure exposure. In both training and operations, the system provides immediate, objective documentation of exposures over time to guide triage, inform adjustments to tactics and training, and aid in treatment.
BlackBox Biometrics' Wireless Blast Gauge System
(Credit: BlackBox Biometrics)
The system documents long-term trends of exposure to help identify warfighters at risk of blast induced traumatic brain injury (TBI) and long-term neurological disorders. Recent scientific studies have linked repetitive overpressure exposure to structural changes in the brain, increased risk of PTSD, acceleration of age-associated neurological disorders, and concussion symptoms. These studies highlight the need for individualized blast exposure surveillance programs that advance warfighter performance while preserving long-term health.

Blast exposure surveillance programs, similar to those implemented for radiation safety, allow medics and leaders to trace emergent symptoms to past blast exposure, while enabling longitudinal surveillance. Documenting exposure history can also guide the application of future protective and restorative therapies for the warfighter.

The new technology of the system features secure, optional wireless connectivity for instant data download to iOS devices or smart devices running Android, enabling faster, proactive decisions that could reduce the risk of TBI. The system also features extended battery life designed to last a full deployment in the world’s harshest environments.

Since its introduction in 2011, the Blast Gauge System has pioneered blast measurement, enabling advanced research into the mechanisms of blast-related brain injury and safe exposure levels.

The Blast Gauge System has been fielded by all branches of the United States Military, more than 10 different international militaries, and multiple Special Forces units.